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Dream dictionary - Beh - Bia

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Dream dictionary - Beh - Bia


BeheadingTo dream that you are beheaded according to the tradition of the Indians and Persians  and that the head is seperated  from the body, signifies liberty to prisioners, health to the sick, comfort to those in distress and payment of debt to creditors.

To anyone in authority it indicates god fortune, and that their problems and fears will be turned into joy and confidence in their servants and subjects.

If anyone dreams that a person he knows  beheads him, he will share with him in his pleasure and honour. If anyone dreams that a young child cuts off his head, he will not live long if he is sick, but if he is healthy he will gain honour.

If a pregnant woman dreams this, she will have a boy and her husband will die suddenly.If anyone dreams his head is half cut off, these things will be fulfilled by halves. If anyone dreams that his throat is cut with a knife, he will be in jured by someone. 

If he dreams he cuts the throat of one of his acquaintances, he will do him an injury; if he does not know the person, it will be done to a stranger. If anyone dreams that he is beheaded as a martyr for religion, that man will be elevated to the height of honour, and his soul will be happy in heaven.

According to the Egyptian tradition, if anyone dreams he beheads an armed man, he will enter the service of some great person, where he will realize his ambitions.


To be behind someone in a dream indicates that on a subconscious level we may consider ourselves to be inferior in some way.

We may find we have fear of being left behind.We should look at our spiritual standing as we may, quite literally, be behind in our search for wholeness.


You will lose a good friend unless you act with more tact and consideration.


Traditionally, to hear a bell tolling in a dream was to be warned of disaster or of a death. While that meaning is less prevalent now as there are more efficient ways of communication, a bell in a dream (such as a door bell) does warn us to be on the alert. It may also indicate  that we have a desire to communicate with someone who is distanced or estranged from us.


To dream that you are at a ball and that you dance with the most beautiful girl is indicative of trouble coming to you from some of your female acquaintances. Expect to hear that a beautiful woman is claiming damages against you for breach of promise; or you will have your reputation tarnished by a report that you have been cruel to someone. 

You will be given leave of absence from work until any unpleasant affairs have been sorted out to the satisfaction of your employers. For a young woman to dream that she is 'the belle of the ball' means that she will meet with an arrogant, conceited fool who will try to engage her affections. If prudent, she will best serve her own interests by avoiding him in every possible way.


To hear bells ring signifies an alarm, sickness, especially if the dreamer is married. To play tunes on small bells signifies discord and disunion between employers and employees.Hearing the church bells ringing as if for a wedding indicates that your lover will shortly leave you for another, then another, all of which will be your gain, despite the fact that it will not appear so at first.


To dream that you fan a fire with bellows means that you can never gain the desire on which your mind is set. You will be thwarted on all sides.


To be aware of someone ele's belly in a dream draws our attention to their emotions.If our belly is distended in our dream, we may be psychologically at a point where dome release is necessary either through anger or frank speech. Because it is the seat of the solar plexus the belly is a spiritual centre which carries vitality. It can therefore also be focus for appetite.


If anyone dreams that their belly is bigger and fatter than usual, their family and property will increase proportionately according to the size of the stomach. If your belly has become lean and shrunken, you will avoid a bad accident. If anyone dreams that his belly is swollen but empty, he will become poor - even though he is well regarded by many.


If anyone dreams his belly aches, he will suffer many family problems.


To dream of putting on a belt indicates a happy ending.


To dream of a belt which attracts our attention represents the fact that we are perhaps being bound by old attitudes, duty and so on. an ornate belt can represent a symbol of power or office (as in regimental or nurse's belts).

Intellectually we may be'hide-bound' through outdated material. A belt may be an insignia of power, and can represent either the power we have, or the power we can obtain.


An unfortunate dream; attend carefully to work or you may lose your job.


An unbexpected and unwelcome wedding.


If you receive a bonus from someone, be careful that people are not gossiping unkindly about you. If you give money to someone else, you will be successful at work.


To dream that you are bequeathing money or property to friends or relatives is a sure sign that you will soon recieve money from an unexpected quarter.


News of a friend's marriage soon to take place.


Social activities of a happyt nature. If you dream you are picking many blackberries, it indicates financial gains.

Best Man

To dream you are acting as best man denotes the failure of a plan of yours through a false friend.


To dream that you are betting warns you to be careful of your money for a time. Keep it on you. Do not lend any money, however small the amount may be, otherwise you will lose it all.


You will receive a disquieting letter.


To dream you are bewitched is a sign that you should take care in financial dealings or you will be hoodwinked.


To dream of cutting fabric on the bias indicates bad news from a friend.

References: The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael: !0'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball




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