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Dictionary of Dreams - A - Aut-Axe

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Dictionary of Dreams - A - Aut - Axe
  • Authority: Is always good for a rich man to think or dream he is in authority.

  • Automaton: To see an automaton signifies that your child will be as mischievous as a monkey.

  • Autumn: This season signifies a legacy and domestic happiness. We are being made conscious of the sense of something to an end. We recognize that the good in a situation can be brought in and made use of, but the rest must be given up. Psychologically, we need to consider the cycles that occur in our own lives and whether some of these can be brought to an end. The autumn of one's life  - with the mellow feelings and all that old age brings - is symbolised by Autumn appearing in a dream.

  • Avalanche: Good fortune of an astonishing nature will soon befall you. If we witness an avalance in our dreams we are experiencing a destructive force. If we are in the middle of an avalanche we are being overwhelmed by circumstances. Psychologically, we need to regain control of forces ouside ourselves. We are in a position which puts us in some kind of danger. The power of frozen emotions could overwhelm us.

  • Avarice: To dream that you are avaricious or see other people's greed foretells that you will lose your money by foolish speculation.

  • Avenue: To dream of an avenue signifies an early understanding with the person you most desire.

  • Aversion: If someone is unfriendly towards you in a dream, it shows that you will be able to see through an attempted deception.

  • Aviary: An aviary full of birds indicates social advancement, but beware of spending too much time away from your business or you will lose financially.

  • Awaken: It is a good omen if you awaken some person in the course of your dream, and it will go far to soften any unfavourable omen that may be present. This is especially the case if the sleeper is in bed, as the colour white then helps the good fortune and serves to confirm the fortunate issue of events.

  • Award: Receiving an award indicates good fortune.

  • Awl: Increased prosperity, but not through your own efforts.

  • Axe: A warning of danger which only your own forethought and bravery can avert. When we dream of an axe we need to differentiate between whether it is being used against us or if we are using it. If it is used against us we feel we are being threatened by someone's greater power. To dream of using an axe indicates that we need to become aware of the destructive forces within us. There is that in us which canonly be dealt with in a destructive fashion. It must be cut out completely. The axe represents power, thunder, conquest of error and sacrifice.

  • Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball-The complete Dictionary of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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