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Dream Dictionary - Blott - Body

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Dream Dictionary - Blott - Body

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Beware of talking too much; you may betray a secret entrusted to you by a friend.


To dream you strike a blow is a sign of a lawsuit. To dream you receive them means a reconciliation with your enemies.


Denotes happiness, prosperity and esteem from various people you want to please.Tor dream you are dressed in a variety of colours denotes a variety of fortunes are in store for you. If you are in love, a quarrel will take place between you and your sweetheart which, after much uneasiness, will be sttled by friends.


This is one of the dreams that go by contrary and means that you will do unexpectedly well in your next undertaking.


Blushing in a dream indicates that you will be embarrassed by lies spread about you. If you see other people blushinf, take care that you do not spread lies about other people.Boa ConstrictorThis snake symbolises the devil, the dream is a bad one, unless you kill the snake.


One of the ways in which the dream mind can bring matters to our attention is by a play on words, and since not many people have contact with the animal boar, for this to appear in a dream usually indicates 'a bore'.By its association with feasting and festivals, the boar can represent lust and gluttony. Abundance aaand vitality. By association with mythology and children's fables it can also represent evil.


If anyone dreams they have hunted or captured a wild boar they will chase or take some enemy that has the same qualities as the wild boar. If anyone dreams they have the head of a recently killed wild boar brought to them, that predicts that they will soon obtain their desire from their most powerful enemy. To chase a wild boar indicates unsuccessful efforts; to be chased means separation.


Do not be impulsive, or you will cause trouble among your family or friends.


To dream that you are on a boat on a river, lake or pond of clear water is very good and signifies joy, prosperity and success, though if the water is rough and stormy, it means the opposite. if you are walking in a boat and enjoying yourself without fear, you will have comfort and success in your affairs.

To be in a boat in danger of overturning is a sign of danger, unless the dreamer is a prisoner or captive, in that case it denotes liberty and freedom.To dream of being in a boat is a good omen, and if you are about to embark on a new enterprise you can rest assured that it will be successful.

If, However, the boat is drifting about in all directions, be careful that you do not get into trouble through some illegal transaction.

Boat, Ship

To dream about a boat or ship very often indicates how we cope with our own emotions of those of others. It may well represent how we navigate our way through life and whether we are in control of our lives.To dream of being alone in a small boat means we need to consider how we handle isolation and the ability to be alone.

To dream of being on a large ship alerts us to how we handle group relationships. To dream of missing a boat is often the dream of a perfectionist who fears missing chances or opportunities.Boats represent our attitude to death and 'The Final Journey'. They can also represent fertility and adventure.


For a dressmaker to dream that her bobbins have no thread indicates business prosperity; if they have plenty of thread on them there will be a lack of both work and money.


For a person to dream that they are in a bog or marshy piece of land, wher they sink deep in the swamp, is a good dream. The dreamer will be eminent in trade, a profession or speculation. Success will attend their efforts ; prosperity will crown whatever they put their hand to.

Wealth, advancement and greatness will be the result of all their schemes.BodyTo see a beautiful body in a dream presages business and advancement if the body is male, or social success if it is female.


The body represents the individual and is his outward physical manifestation of all that he is. In dreams, the body often represents the Ego. Since being 'physical' is the baby's first experience of itself, the body forms the prime source of information.

2. Psychologically, most experience is translated into bodily feeling, and therefore becomes a rich source of symbolism in dreams. When emotions cannot be faced in ordinary everyday life, they very often become distorted dream symbols.

3. Physical manifestation of an inner spirituality.Different aspects of the body can have various meanings in dreams' For example:To dream of the upper part of the body is to link with the mind and the spiritual aspects of the character, while the lower part of the body represents the instincts and emotional aspects of a character. 

An adult's head on an immature body, or a child's head on an adult body is an indication that the dreamer needs to recognise the difference between mature thought and emotion.If there is conflict between the upper and lower part, it indicates that there is disharmony  between the mental faculties and instinctive behaviour.

The right side or hand being especially noticeable in dreams signifies we should take note of the logical side of mour personality, whereas the left side or left hand indicates we need to be aware of our intuitive, creative side.The right side or hand being especially noticeable in dreams signifies we should take note of the logical side of mour personality, whereas the left side or left hand indicates we need to be aware of our intuitive, creative side.

Body Parts can have relevance as follows;

Abdomen, stomach, belly: When the dream appears to concentrate on the abdomen, there is a need to focus on emotions and repressed feelings.


The young child's first experience of control is as he or she gains control over bodily functions. In dreaaams the mind returns to that experience  as a symbol of self realisation and self-reliance and more negatively, of supression and defense.Such a dream therefore is indicating an aspect of childish behaviour or egotism.

Reference: 10'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball/ The Complete Book of Dreams : Edwin Raphael




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