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Dreamed Action Produces Real Effects On The Brain And Body

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Dream Action Produces Real Effects On The Brain And Body

The experiments just reviewed supported the conclusion that the events you experience while asleep and dreaming produce effects on your brain ( and, to a lesser extent. your body) much the same as if you were to experience  the corresponding events while awake . Additional studies uphold this conclusion. When lucid dreamers hold their breaths or breathe fast in a dream they really do hold their breaths or pant.

Furthermore, the difference in brain activity caused by singing versus counting in the waking state  (singing tends to engage the right hemisphere and counting, the left are nearly duplicated in the lucid dream. In Short, to our brains, dreaming or doing something is equivalent to actually doing it. This finding explains why dreams seem real. To the brain, they are real. 

We are continuing to study the connection between dreamed actions and physiology, with the goal of producing a detailed map of min/body interactions during dreaming sleep for all measurable physiological systems. Such a map could prove to be of great value for experimental dream psychology and for psychosomatic medicine.

Indeed, since dream activities produce real physiological effects, lucid dreaming may be useful for facilitating the functioning of the immune system. In any case, the physiological effects caused by dreaming show that we cannot dismiss dreams as idle children of the imagination. Although the tendency of our culture has been to ignore dreams, dream experience are as real to us as waking life. If we seek to improve our lives, we would do well to include our dream lives in our efforts.

Reference: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming: Stephen Laberge Ph.D..& Howard Rheingold




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