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 Dictionary Of Dreams - A-Ast-Aut
  • Ascetic: There is some conflict   with natural drives. There may be an avoidance of sex or contact through fear or the need for restraint. In a dream to meet an ascetic or holy man is to meet our higher self, and to recognize the part of ourselves which is continually seeking unity with the divine. We may be looking for simplicity.
  • Asp:This portends enemies and if you are stung your enemies will do you harm. But if you kill the asps, you will triumph.
  • Asparagus: Signifies labour, reward and success. To cultivate asparagus is a sign that you and your family will have reason for celebration. To sell asparagus signifies that you will receive money. 
  • Asphalt: To dream of men laying a pavement or road predicts foreign travel.
  • Aspic:This signifies money, profitable partnership and an advantageous marriage.
  • Aspirin: If you are taking aspirin, someone will spread unkind rumors about you. If you are giving the drug to someone else, do not repeat gossip or you will run into trouble.
  • Ass: To dream an ass runs after you denotes that some slander will be raised against you by a foolish person, who will themselves become the victims of scandal. To dream of seeing an ass denotes that you will spend much valuable time in trying to please everybody. But if the ass is looking away from you, you can take courage for you will end in being indifferent to the opinion of the others as you have the approval of your own common sense. To dream you are riding an ass can be the forerunner of a foolish quarrel. To ride an ass who carries you well is a sign of a good marriage. To dream that an ass has kicked you is a prediction of a very serious illness. To dream you are driving an ass denotes that you will experience some trouble.

  • Assassin: Misfortune will be yours.

  • Assault: To dream that you are being attacked signifies that those working for you have full knowledge of your most private secrets. If you are playfully attacked, it denotes that you will meet with well-earned success. To dream you are assaulted signifies suffering and misery.

  • Assistance: This is a good dream, whether you give or receive help, indicating success in a business deal.
  • Aster: This flower is an unusually good dream. You will attain proficiency in your occupation, and your judgement and intelligence will become stronger than ever; your love of justice, virtue and honesty will increase.
  • Asthma: To dream you are subject to this complaint is a sign that you will be attacked by inflammation of the lungs, and may be so ill that the doctors will fear for your life. You will recover, however, to experience general good health.
  • Astonishment: Signifies recovery from sickness.
  • Astrology: To dream of any aspect of astrology indicates that you hard work will be rewarded with happiness and wealth.
  • Asylum: To dream that you are in an asylum denotes that you will become famous through some great achievement.
  • Atheist: If you dream of meeting or being atheist, you will be disappointed in your plans.
  • Athlete: This signifies adventurous undertakings or business negotiations.
  • Atlas: To dream that you study an atlas is a sign that you will have commercial transactions, if you are in trade, with some distant parts of the world where you have never traded before. If you are a retailer, foreign produce will be more in demand than before. A workman may have the offer of a situation in a distant part of this country.
  • Atmosphere: blue skies and sunshine form one of the most fortunate of all dreams, since it foretells prosperity in money matters, happiness in domestic affairs, and the company of faithful friends. But clouds, rain or thunderstorms are all signs of trouble and misfortune, to be read according to their severity. It is less serious to witness a storm than to be at its mercy.
  • Atom: You will be deceived by someone you trusted.
  • Atom Bomb: Where anxiety regarding the external world is experienced, the dreamer may need to be aware that the end of a particular way of life is imminent in an especially dramatic fashion. Often there is a sense of an explosion of destructive energy before everything must be rebuilt.
  • Atrocity: To witness a dreadful event indicates a change of circumstances which may be for the better or for the worse.
  • Attack: Being attacked in a dream indicates a fear of being under threat from external events or internal emotions. Unknown impulses or ideas force the dreamer into taking a defensive attitude. If we are being attacked animals we are turning our own aggression and/or sexuality inwards;we have fear of our own natural urges.
  • Attendant: A speedy rise in position
  • Attic: A premonition of an engagement  to the single. If married, avoid flirtation.
  • Attorney: Business worries are in front of you. Be careful of your plans and avoid all speculation in stocks and shares.
  • Auction: A warning to be on your guard against being cheated by a plausible acquaintance. Trust only your dearest friends after such a dream.

  • Audience:
    Social pleasures and distinction to come. if you were standing in front of an audience in a dream we are probably having to deal with an important issue in our lives. If we are in the audience we are witnessing an emotion or process of change in our lives.
  • August: To dream of summer in wintertime foretells unexpected news.
  • Aunt: To dream of close relations is a fortunate sign, and shows success in money matters.
  • Aura: To perceive an aura in a dream indicates how powerful we consider ourselves - or others - to be. The aura is a representation of the power of the bold within, the force field with which we repel and attract people. The aura is an energy field which surrounds the physical body. It is an expression of self.
  • Author: To dream of a great author brings unexpected pleasures to the single; to the married, good fortune in the family.

  • Reference:
    10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball-The complete Dictionary of Dreams: Edwin Raphael
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