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Dream Dictionary - Bracelet - Breastplate

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Dream Dictionary - Bracelet - Breastplate

Bracelet: For a lady to dream she is wearing a new bracelet is a sign that someone is slandering her.

If she allows someone to fsten it for her, she will be ruled by the man she marries.

Bracken:An adventure is awaiting you if you dream of lying in bracken, but its outcome will depend on the reason you are lying there.

Brain:When attention is drawn to the brain in a dream, we are expected to consider our own or others' intellect.

To dream of the brain being preserved indicates the need to take care in intellectual pursuits.

We may be pushing ourselves too hard.

2. Since the brain is the seat of learning, we may psychologically need to consider our beliefs and ideas in the light of experience.

3. The seat of the soul.

Brain: If anyone dreams their brain is arge and efficient, they will be an able counsellor to those in autgority, will govern themselves prudently and will achieve their ambitions with honour and profit.

If on the contrary, anyone dreams their brain is sick, damaged or painful, they will be unfortunate in their advice and enterprises, will pass for an inexpert and imprudent person and run into many problems.

Brake: If you dream of applying the brake to a vehicle and it does not work, be careful of making commitments which you cannot fulfil.

Brambles:These represent difficulties, and indicate poverty or privation.

If you push through, without serious harm from the thors, then you will overcome your troubles.

Branch:Trees are fortunate, eing one of nature's own blessings.
if in your dream you see a tree with many fertile branches, it is a most fortunate omen.

But be careful if you see any dead or broken branches.

Brandy:Denotes good news, no matter in waht form it appears.

Brass: Observe your associates closely and do not let a false friend make you unhappy.

Bravery:This warns the dreamer to keep a cool head and act with all courage, as an emergency is at hand that will test the nerve.

Brawl:If you are injured in a brawl, this indicates problems to come, but otherwise you will be fortunate.

Braying:To dream that you hear the braying of a donkey is a sign that shortly you will hear of the death of some celebrated eccentric local character who has long been noted for oddities in conduct and behaviour.'

Bread:To dream of eating white bread made of wheat signifies profit to the rich and damage to the poor.

On the contrary, to dream of eating wholemeal bread denotes profit and gain to the poor, and losses to the rich.

To dream of eating barley bread signifies health and contentment.

To dream you carry hot bread signifies accusation.

To cut barley bread signifies rejoicing,

To dream of your usual bread, and eating it, is good.

But if you eat a different sort of bread from usual, that means sickness if you are poor or acusations of false dealing if you are rich.

To dream that you throw bread away is a prediction that you will suffer from salnderous reports spread abroad by a stranger.

To dream you see a great quantity of bread denotes success in life.

To dream you are eating good bread denotes that you will be married shortly.

Bread: Dreaming of bread connects us to oue need for basic emotional and biological satisfaction.

To be sharing bread in a dream represents our ability to share basic experience.

2. If the bread in a dream is foreign or tastes bad we may be unsure of what we really need out of life.
We may be doing the wrong thing in some area of our lives.
3. Bread is symbolic of life itself.It is food of the soul and can also represent the need to share.

Break: A bad omen. If you break anything in your dream, be prepared for hardships and sadness for some time to come.

Break:To dream of something being broken symbolizes loss or damage.

If a favourite object is broken, we must make changes and break from the past.

If a limb is broken we may be prevented from moving forward or carrying out a certain action.

2. If the dreamer actually dreams of breaking something appropriate action needs to be taken in order to break a bond or connection in the dreamers life.

3.Shattered idealism, hope and faith.

Breakfast:To dream that you are eating your breakfast shows that you will do something for which you will be sorry. 

Breast:To dream that your breast is beautiful is a good omen.

For men, it s also a good dream if it is hairy as it is a sign of gain, but to a married woman it foretells widowhood.

Breasts:Considered to be one of the most often dreamed about parts of the body, it is the symbolism of the nourishment and love belonging to motherhood that is most often understood. For a man to dream of breasts usually indicates his unconscious connection with his mother or nurturing principle.

While intellectually we deny the need for mothering or 'smother-lover' psychologically this need surfaces when we are under stress and usually comes up as the dream image of breasts.

Motherhood, protection and love.

Breastplate:In mythology, the breastplate was always considered to protect the knight.

When we experience ourselves as wearing some form of protection around the heart, we are usually protecting our right to love unconditionally.

2. Psychologically we are at our most vulnerable wher matters of the heart are concerned, and most often need protection in that area.

To dream of someone else wearing a breastplate indicates their capacity to be hurt emotionally.

3. Our need to protect ourselves spiritually.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball- The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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