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Dictionary Of Dreams - A - adm - ais

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Dictionary Of Dreams - A - adm - ala

ADMIRAL: To dream of an admiral denotes loss of trade; to see one in a naval engagement signifies danger of drowning.

ADMIRER: To dream that some is admiring your looks is a sure indication that some wish particularly dear to you will be fulfilled. To dream that you admire someone indicates that someone will lie to you. To dream that you admire yourself signifies you will the victim of deceit.

ADONIS:To dream of Adonis signifies that you will be subject to the artfulness of your lover: or will employ craft to gain your own ends in love

ADOPTION: This signifies wealth and a ripe old age. If you dream of a child related to you by blood, you will shortly benefit from a legacy. If the child is a stranger, you may be sure of all that you undertake.

ADORNMENT: To receive a present of an article of jewelery is a sign that you will surely suffer an affliction of a more or less serious nature, according to the value of the present.To dream that you dress yourself up signifies that you have a rival.

ADRIFT: To dream that you are adrift in a boat is a warning of difficulty ahead - it is an obstacle dream. if you reach land safely, you will overcome your troubles. But if you fall out of the boat, or if the boat should be upset by rough waters, then expect very serious difficulties. Even then you may swim to land, or be rescued, which would indicate ultimate success.

ADULTERY: To dream that you are tempted to commit adultery and that you resist it is a happy omen, and it is a good time to begin business after such a dream. If you have a lawsuit, you will win. if You are in Love, persevere, for your wishes will be gratified. To dream you have committed adultery shows you will be involved in arguments.

ADVANCEMENT: This s a most favourable sign, and indicates success in some important undertaking, You may be your own master , yet if you dream that you are in some employment and are advanced, your success is certain.

ADVENTURE: To meet with exciting adventures in a dream predicts a surprising alteration in your fortune.

ADVERSARY: If you are continually being thwarted in some undertaking by persistent adversaries it denotes that there is much trouble and worry in store for you, from which you will eventually gain prosperity. To dream that you receive obstruction from an adversary shows that you will complete your business quickly.

ADVERSITY: To dream of the adversity of your enemies signifies coming happiness; if you suffer adversity you will require courage in the near future.

ADVERTISMENT: Answering an advertisement foretells that you will shortly experience an alteration in your circumstances. If you were writing a blue paper, it will be for the better; if the paper was white, it will be for the worse. Looking over the advertisement in a newspaper or magazine denotes that you are about to attract considerable public attention by a judicious use of printer's ink. To dream that you advertise for a 'partner for life.' is indicative of shortly becoming the victim of some practical joke or ludicrous hoax, in which your reputation for judicious conduct and wise behaviour will be greatly tarnished. To read the same advertisement many times foretells good news from abroad.

ADVICE: To receive advice, either good or bad, from an alleged friend denotes that enemies are working against you. The friend who is giving the advice, however, is not always a party to the wrong.

ADVOCATE: To dream that you are a solicitor is a good omen and foretells success. If you are a barrister in your dream, then there will be a longer delay  -  but success is certain unless, in court, you dream that you lose your case.

AERIAL: You will succeed in your plans despite all odds.

AEROPLANE: A sign that money is coming to you, but your methods may not be above suspicion. Study your plans carefully before you put them into effect.

AFFABILITY: To dream of friendliness signifies madness.

AFFECTATION: Seeing people give themselves airs (for example, a healthy strong woman riding indolently on a horse, or the lover arriving casually to meet his loved one) signifies that the dreamer should avoid all quarrels because he or she is in danger of a serious fight.

AFFECTION: To receive affection from someone signifies that you will be denounced by one you love.

AFFIANCE: For a young, unmarried person to dream that he/she has suddenly become engaged to an attractive young person is not a favourable dream. Look out for a quarrel with your lover if you have one. If you do not have a lover, you will have to wait a long time before you marry. 

AFFLICTION: A great affliction to yourself or friends foretells an early wedding. if the dreamer is single. If married, than a change of residence will soon be required by an occurrence that will improve your social standing.

AFFLUENCE: An increase in income will go a long way towards solving your immediate problems.

AFFRONT: If you are affronted at the misconduct of some dear friend, look for a letter full of expressions of good feeling and kindness from a distant acquaintance from whom you have not heard for a very long time, and whom you have thought had entirely forgotten you.

AFRICA: If you are on the way to Africa, you will soon have to take a journey for the benefit of your health; the doctors may be baffled by a sudden and serious illness which will prevent you from working.

AFTERNOON: Dreams which take place in the afternoon are likely to portend better events than those happening in the morning or at night.

AGATE: Agates or semi precious stones signify sadness , sickness and setbacks.

AGE: For a woman to dream she is courted by an old man is a sure sign that she will receive a sum of money , and be successful in her undertakings. For a girl to dream it shows that she will marry a rich young man and will have many children by him, who will all become rich. For a man to dream he is courting an old woman , and that she returns his love is a very goof omen. It shows success in worldly affairs, that he will marry a beautiful woman, have lovely children and be very happy. To dream that you have lived to an old age denotes that you will shortly hear of the death of a friend. To dream of the old denotes a peaceful and honest life.

AGENT or AGENCY: Signifies loss of inheritance.

AGRANDISEMENTFairness and magnificence is bad, and shows death to the sick and poor success to lovers.

AGNOSTIC: A dream of religious disbelief is a sign of a degrading experience with the opposite sex.

AGONY: A dream of religious disbelief is a sign of a degrading experience with the opposite sex.

AGREEMENT: For a business person to dream that they have made some advantageous agreements is a bad sign, Business will become dull, partly from failure of others and partly from general depression of trade. take care how you make your contracts  after this dream; many have fallen from a position of prosperity  and affluence from neglect of this warning.

AGRICULTURE: Signifies unadulterated good fortune.

Air: If you dream the sky is clear, of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it is a good omen. You will be successful in your enterprises. If you are seeking promotion you will obtain it; If you are in love, you will marry your lover; if you have a lawsuit, you will win; if you are a farmer, you will have good crops, your livestock will increase, you will get god market prices. Those who at married will have many successful children; journeys will fulfil your expectations; sea voyages will be pleasant and prosperous; debts will soon be cleared; prisoners freed.

To dream the air is full of thick, dark and heavy clouds is unfavourable; you will fall ill, perhaps seriously; disappointment will attend your business. To dream the sky is streaked with white denotes that you will suffer many severe difficulties  over which you will eventually triumph. If the sky is very red, you will be successful in love, but not in business. It also warns of sickness  and trouble coming to your family.

AIRBRAKE: The sound of air brakes on a vehicle indicates problems  and a failure of plans.

AIRGUN: To have one given to you means an enemy. To fire is a warning to postpone decisions for a day or two.

AIREDALE: A dream of this dog indicates a happy home life filled with simple pleasures.

AIRSHIP: To be in a stationary airship denotes that you will have little success in life unless you work hard to get out of the rut into which you have fallen. If the airship is moving very quickly, be wary of investing your money, as it foretells great loss.

AISLE: To dream that you walk down the aisle of a church, or other place of worship, in company with a lover indicates that you will be deserted by your friends  of the opposite sex. The person you see in your dream has never had the least thought of you , but may soon be in your company at a private party or ball. 

Dictionary Of Dreams A-ALA

Reference: The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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