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Dictionary Of Dreams - A - App - ARRI

APPARITION: To see a ghost is very unfortunate . If it is attractive  and dressed in white , it shows deceit and temptation to sin; if you are in love it is a sign of unrequired love:Someone is about to deceive you, and you are friendly with your worst enemy. Do not under take a journey, at this period for it will be unfortunate.

Appendicitis: keep to your own plans of action and your finances will improve.

Appetite: To appease your appetite by eating something you especially like is a sign that you will shortly lose some of your robust and healthy looks: pallid cheeks and gradual weight loss will make your friends concerned at the appearance of the decline.

Applause: To gain the applause of your friends means that you will become the object of libel or defamation of character in some of the newspapers. Lawsuits and quarrels may follow shortly after this dream.

Apple and Apple Trees:To see apple trees and eat sweet apples Signifies joy, pleasure and recreation; sour apples denote contention and sedition. To gather applies signifies vexation from some person or other. A boy giving apples to a pregnant woman means faithfulness in your sweetheart, and riches in business. Seeing an apple tree coming into bloom is an encouraging dream for any who are in low spirits. It is a sign that fortune will shortly shine on them. and that the best of their days are yet to come.

Appointment: To keep an appointment with a friend means that a secret you have tried to keep will be revealed. 

Apricot: To see or eat an apricot in season denotes  good health and pleasure. But if you seem to eat them out of season, they signify vain hopes and business failures.

Apricot Tree: This fruit tree denotes pleasure and contentment . If it is loaded with fruits, exercise prudence, while if the fruit has been picked you will enjoy prosperity. To see it loaded with fruit out of season denotes unexpected success, though if the fruit is withered you must guard against boredom and laziness.

April: This signifies that you will obtain everything you desire and the greatest success will attend all those projects on which you have most set your heart.

April Fool: To dream of being made an April fool means that, after having arrived at considerable culture, you will marry one who is a philistine and so be exposed to unintelligent criticism and interference. You may anticipate falling a victim to the false pretences of one in whom you are at present confiding, and may reasonably infer that your only safeguard is a little healthy suspicion.

Apron: If you dream of tearing an apron, you will meet a young person of wealth who, with skilful handling and encouragement will prove a good partner for life. To a married person the dream promises children who will be your pride in later years.

Aquamarine: To dream of this jewel assures you of the affection of a very young friend or relative.

Aquarium: A dream of an aquarium of any size indicates problems to come. If the fish are unusual, guard against accidents. 

Aqueduct: A good dream if the aqueduct is running with water.

Arab: To dream of seeing an Arab is a sign that you will meet with a young person of orderly and sober demeanour who will speak of marriage but will not have the courage. to carry that speech into effect.

Arbitration: If you are acting as an arbitrator in an argument, you will have trouble in extracting yourself from difficulties.

Arbour: To see an arbour means that you will hear secrets; to be in one, that your own secrets will be revealed.

Arcade: To dream of walking through an arcade indicates that you will find it difficult to overcome temptation.

Arc: We need to concentrate on a particular part of our lives.Psychologically we are paying attention only to a segment or portion of what we are trying to deal with at the present time. There is a dynasim available which will enhance the growth of the dreamer.

Arch: When we dream of arches or doorways, we are often moving into a different environment or way of life. We have to go through some form of initiation, or acceptance ritual in order to succeed. We are in the process of passing a test. We may being protected by authority. We are experiencing some form of spiritual initiation. We are being born, again a fresh start. 

To dream of walking with your sweetheart under a railway arch is a sign of opposition form his/her parents, or that you will be annoyed by the attentions of your lover's rival, who will come to your home or meet you in the street and entreat you to listen to vague promises. To dream of a arch signifies that you will be flattered. You must take this dream as a warning against the flatterer.

Archbishop: To dream of one, foretells danger in the night.

Archer: To the single, this means a speedy engagement. If you are married, be true - danger is approaching.

Architect: To dream that you have business with architect is a sign that you will incur unexpected expenses, and will have trouble of a kind that you have never had before.

Archives: To dream of archives signifies that an inheritance will be disputed in your family.

Artic : To dream of North Pole indicates that you will achieve your ambitions.

Arena A warning of danger - avoid crowds. If you are not alone in your dream, the danger is lessened.

Arguing:To dream you argue with intelligent people signifies profit and gain.

Arithmetic: If you dream of struggling to solve arithmetical problems, expect to overcome your own difficulties  after some hard work.

Arm: If anyone dreams that their arms have grown bigger and stronger than normal, it signifies that their brothers or sons will help them gain happiness and profit, and they will become rich. To dream that you have strong arms signifies good fortune, restoration of health, or freedom from imprisonment. To dream your arms or elbows are covered in scabs or ulcers signifies annoyance, sadness failure in business. If your arms are broken or thin, that is a bad sign, and if you are a powerful person, beware of a loss of authority or an illness attacking your son or brother.

This same dream denotes problems, sickness and poverty to the children or brothers of ordinary people. If a woman has this dream , she is in danger of becoming a widow or at least of a separation from her husband. To dream that one of your arms have been cut off signifies imprisonment or sickness. Some authors attribute the right arm to the father, son, brother and friend; and the left to the mother, daughter, sister, the friend and the loyal employees.

Armchair: News soon. 

Armed Men: To see armed men is a good sign and denotes a fearless person; to dream you see an armed man run away is a sign of victory; to see armed men attack you signifies sadness.

Armenian: This signifies that you will be pestered by the curiosity of your wife.

Armhole: If you dream of putting your arms in the wrong armholes of your clothes, be careful in your relationship with the opposite sex or your reputation will be in danger.

Armistice: This presages promotion in business.

Armour: A warning to take precautions against enemies.

Army: To see an army of soldiers denotes the loss of friends through circumstances over which you have control. If the army goes into battle, your good will be wasted  by those in whom you have placed the utmost confidence. To dream of a victorious army signifies that you will suffer sadness and grief, a vanquished army signifies the disenchantment of a long courtship.

Arrest:To dream you are arrested signifies lack of wit and determination.

Arrival: Arriving at the end of the journey indicates the successful conclusion of a difficult task.  

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References: The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael: Reference: 10.000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball




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