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Social Values and Lucid Dreaming

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I have received numerous letters from people with an interest in lucid dreaming who feel restricted because, as one writer put it, " I can't talk to anyone about this; they all think I'm nuts and look at me oddly if I even try to explain what I do in my dreams." Our culture offers little social support to those interested in exploring mental states.

This resistance probably has its roots in the behaviourist perspective in psychology, which treated all animals, including humans, as "black boxes" whose actions were entirely dependent on external inputs. The contents of the "mind" of an animal were considered unmeasurable and hence out of the bounds of scientific study. 

Since the late 1960s, however, science has once again begun to explore the realm of conscious experience. The study of lucid dreaming is an example. However, cultural understanding normally lags behind scientific understanding. Darwin's scientific theories of the evolution of biological organisms are a century old, but the cultural turmoil they caused by upsetting the status quo of accepted thought is still affecting our society, scientists included, remain resistant to the new  ( to the West) capabilities of the human mind that scientific research is discovering and demonstrating.

To help you realize that lucid dreams can have a significant and valuable effect on your life, these pages include many personal accounts from lucid dreamers. If you happen to live in a place where you feel you cannot share your dream life, these examples should give you some feeling of connection with others who are exploring their dreams. In addition, in the afterword you will find an invitation to share your experience with us.

Reference: Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming : Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. & Howard Rheingold




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