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Dream Dictionary - Boil - Book 

Boil: Trouble with family matters or an unpleasant job to come.

Boiled Meat: Sufferings.

Bolt: To dream that you are locked in a room with bolts and bars is a sign that your freedom of action in forthcoming legal problems is greater than you first imagined. You will never suffer imprisonmeny or detention. The person who has this dream is often a great traveller.

Bombardment: If you dream of being under enemy bombardment, your plans will come to fruition.

Bomber:Planes flying above you show that you will overcome your difficulties if you are decisive.

Bomb: Bombs appearing in a dream usually indicte some form of explosive situation with which we need to deal with. Exploding a bomb indicates the need for positive ac tion, while diffusing a bomb suggests taking care not to make a situation worse.

2.Psychologically we need to be aware that our own emotions are likely to get the better of us.

3.A bomb exploding is usually an unexpected event. Dreaming of one would suggest a fear of sudden death.

Bonds: There are two meanings for Bonds in dreams.One is as in savings bonds (promissory notes) and the second as bindings and cords.

1. To dream of the former indicates that we have a sense of commitment to a person or principle, that we are capable of making promises which we can keep. To dream of the latter deals with the binding or holding which can occur in situations and relationships.

Depending on whether the dreamer is being bound or doing the binding, it shows submission to a great force.

2.Depending on whether we are giving or receiving such promisory bonds, we need to consider our emotional commitment to ourselves and our own concerns.
To be aware of being fettered, snared or held fast by chains indicates the possibility our emotional selves may b e out of control.

3.The changing of conflict into law and order, of chaos into cosmic order: The silver cord.

Bondsman: To dream that you are bond for another person,either in money or criminal matters, is a sign that difficulties are ahead that will launch you into trouble and annoyance on behalf of people who are extravagant in their habits and expenditure.

Bones:Signify misfortune which may or may not be overcome by courage.

Bones: Bones appearing in a dream indicate that we need to be aware that which we considr to be basic material. We need to ' go back to basics'. To dream of a dog eating a bone means we need to consider our basic instincts,

To dream of finding bones indicates that there is something essential we have not considered in a situation.

2. To dream of a full skeleton indicates that we need to reconsider the structure of our lives.

3.Bones are one of the integral parts of man. They often hold the key in terms of death and resurrection.

Bonfire: To be lighting or tending a bonfire in a dream indicates a need for cleansing some aspect of our lives. Such a fire can also represent passions that are not confined by rigidity and custom.

2. When we are conscious of feeding a bonfire, the passionate side of our emotional selves needs to be allowed freedom of expression.

Old, outdated conceps and beliefs can be let go in order to create something new.

3. Spiritually, a bonfire reflects the power of the sun and encourages the power of good. It also represents Solar festivals.

Bonfire: To dream of helping to build a bonfire indicates that you are about to change your mind about many things , when you will burn much that you used to worship and worship much that you used to burn.

Bonnet:For a young woman to dream about wearing a new bonnet is a sign that she is about to land in difficulty through the love of finery, desire for admiration and envy of the fancy clothes of some of her friends.

But is a woman loses her bonnet, she must guard her reputation: if her bonnet is blown off, she will have something she dearly prizes stolen. A young man dreaming of a girl's bonnet, either in a shop window or on her head, may infer that he will marry before many months has passed.

Bonus: : if you are given a bonus in a dream, your professional life will continue to be successful.

Book: Our search for knowledge and the abilityto learn from other people's experience and opinions, is symbolised in dreams by books and libraries.
To dream of old books represents inherited wisdom and spiritual awareness.

To dream of account books indicates the need or ability to look afyer our own resources.

2.Intellectually we are searching in our dreams for ways which will help us to handle what happens in our lives.

3. A book, particularly a sacred one such as the Bible or Koran, signifies hidden or sacred knowledge. Dreaming of one can represent our need to look into the realms of sacred knowledge or reassurance that we are going in the right direction.

Book:To dream of reading a book, especially if in your dream you are surrounded by a considerable library, denotes that you are not likely to marry and will in all probability find consolation in literary pursuits.

The chances against your marrying can be calculated by the number of books in the surrounding library.

To dream of meeting a young lady in a bookshop signifies in the case of a young man, that thought he is fond of books he will marry a wife who will care little for them.

Should you be reading the Bible, then you will be happy and respected by a large circle of friends.

To dream that your bookcase is almost empty of books is a sign that you will become a scholar of great note, pass many examinations and ultimately be so proficient in your studies that you will become a certified teacher in a public school

If you choose to follow that profession, or that you will either be a good accountant, a proficient astronomer, or else an expert in some physical pursuits.

To dream that your bookcase is full of elegantly bound books is evidence that you will not have that taste for study which your opportunities offer to you. You will be behind most of your schoolmates or anyone who earns a living by books or strives to be eloquent. To others it signifies sudden death.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball- The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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