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Introduction To Dreams - 2

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Introduction To Dreams - 2

But in both cases the action must be a reasonable one, something that could happen in everyday life, even though it may be extremely improbable as far as the dreamer is concerned. For Example, If you are flying on wings, this cannot be a vision, but if you are flying on a aeroplane  - However unlikely this may be - it could happen and therefore must be investigated. These points are very important because all impossible actions and events should be trace to some physical cause first of all, and should only be treated as dreams worth considerable investigation when no other explanation appears possible.

There are many cases of people who have received perfectly accurate visions in their sleep of actual places - a town a house , for example - that they had never seen, although later every detail had proves to be correct. An author had a vivid dream of a visit to Eastbourne, a popular resort about which he knew nothing whatsoever. He saw himself driven from the railway station  to a hotel on the front, then he watched the incoming tide for some time  before turning down a street off the front  in order to have a cup of coffee at a cafe  where he knew they made excellent coffee.

The dream was so vivid that he even saw the name of the street- Queen Street or some such common name . Yet he had never been to Eastbourne, in his life. So impressed was he by the reality of this dream that he determined to make it 'come true'. He made the journey at first opportunity, went straight to the hotel, which he recognised immediately, and then turned down Queen Street , where he found the identical cafe at the first corner on the left. This type of dream is by no means uncommon, and it is very difficult to find an explanation. Obviously this is not a warning - either of good or evil. It is merely a peculiar experience and raises the question whether in very deep sleep  the spirit or psyche can ignore physical space. Some casual reference to Eastbourne, perhaps in a news paper  paragraph, may have raised a subconscious thought that he had never been there and then, in sleep, he visited the town mentally.

A somewhat similar experience , though not a dream, happened to a man , who was an enthusiastic gardener. One day he spent the whole day building a rockery in a shady corner of the garden, and worked until it was too dark to see. When he was tidying up he found that he had lost the glass from his watch. It was too dark to go out again, so all he could do was to go to bed as usual and wait. But as soon as he was dressed next morning, he felt sure he knew where he could find the glass. He went straight to a certain spot on the rockery and there he saw the glass lying on the surface of the soil. How did he know where the glass would be (for he went straight to the point without hesitation)? 

Many investigators would say that his psyche  had been searching the rockery while his body was asleep, and probably they would be right. It may be asked why certain interpretations  are attached to certain dreams, but this point is really a simple one once explained. It is impossible to conceive a thought without some article, action or quality associated with it. You cannot actually dream a warning of danger, but you can and do dream some mental picture that is associated in your mind  with a sense of danger. Dreams, therefore, are mental pictures of some thought of your own, or a message from some other person, conveyed to you in the form of a pictured incident.

Many people believe go by contrary , but this is only true in certain instances. The important point is that the picture provided  in the dream gives the clearest message to the dreamer. many people have considered and investigated dreams, and it is only natural  that their interpetations differ. Much of our knowledge concerning dreams comes to us from the East and from sources that are centuries old. But it would not be accurate for the modern Westner  to accept all these interpretations, as certain articles, situations and actions will have quite different associations.

For example, in the East the Peacock used to be a scared bird  and it meant death to anyone other than a priest to possess even a feather  - hence the popular and very prevalent association of ill-luck with a peacock feather. But in the West we have never run any risk of losing our lives in this way, so the old interpretation is not relevant.

In Time this web portal will contain over 20,000 dream subjects, each one often containing a range of interpretations  depending on the detaiis  of the dream. Multiply that by the combination of subjects which so often appears in a dream, and you will appreciate  the scope and depth of this project. Whatever your dream, you should find help here to unravel the mysteries of the dream world.

Note From The Publisher

The dreams in this web portal are based on traditional interpretation. Please be aware that any specific predictions of death or disaster would be considered by a modern dream interpreter as exaggerated and misconstrued. Traditional interpretations of misfortune are now more commonly explained as the end of a phase of life or perhaps at worst, a general run of bad luck. It is wise to remember that dream imagery is open to analysis of many different kinds, and thus all interpretations should be approached with an open mind.

Reference: The Complete Book Of Dreams : Edwin raphael




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