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Dictionary of Dreams - Alpha - A -Adj

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Dictionary of Dreams - Alpha - A - Adj

ABSENSE: A dream about someone being absent, or of the absence of come-thing one would expect to find, indicates that the unexpected may happen. We may be looking for something which we have already lost. Our feelings about the absence ( eg. fear of anger) may also be important.A child experiences a strong absence of loss when mother is first absent from his perceived environment, and this can cause extreme distress.

We are in a situation where we may suffer loss or where we may reject something we need. The type of dream where we are in a familiar environment, but a much-loved article or person is missing, suggests we may have a feeling of impermanence.To experience an absence, or sense of nothingness suggests the Void.

ABSORB: To be absorbed in what we are doing in dreams indicates our ability to be totally focused on our action. We are capable of taking in ideas, concepts or beliefs which then become part of us and the way we function. To absorb something into ourselves is to consume it, in the sense of making it our own. A great deal of the process of understanding takes place through absorption of information.

As we mature and grow we perceive the necessary to belong to social groups. To be absorbed into something represents the need to belong to a greater whole, or to make efforts to integrate various parts of our lives. We have the ability to integrate the various parts of our lives. We have the ability to integrate the various parts of our lives. Spiritually our yearning is to go back to source.

ABSENT MINDEDNESS:This signifies approaching good fortune

ABSINTHE: Drinking absinthe foretells sickness followed by good fortune and good health. Selling absinthe signifies that you will suffer a loss; that you buy it, foretells a love affair.

ABSOLUTION: To dream you have signed the pledge indicates success in business, or happiness in some undertaking dear to your heart.

ABSTINENCE: To dream you have signed the pledge indicates success in business, or happiness in some undertaking dear to your heart.

ABSURDITY:Indicates happiness in love.

ABUNDANCE:To dream that you have an abundance of anything is bad. Abundance of money means abundance; of food, scarity of clothing and a shabby appearance; of health, lingering sickness; of beauty, something that will spoil your personal appearance.

ABUSE:To dream that someone is abusing you is a bad sign, but it applies to your business affairs only. But to dream that you are abusing some other person foretells success after hard work.

ABYSS: To dream of any hollow space is a sign of difficulties ahead; it is an obstacle dream. If you escape from the abyss, you will overcome your troubles. But if you falling, then be careful in your business affairs. Do not lend money, for it will not be returned to you.

ACACIA: If in season this indicates disappointment, but to dream of this flower in winter is a sign of tender hopes which will be realized.

ACADEMY:To dream that you are master or mistress of an academy indicates that you will be reduced in your circumstances; If single, that your intended marriage will be characterized by adversity.

ACCELERATION: To accelerate speed in a vehicle indicates that you will achieve your goals. if you cannot remove your foot from the accelerator, beware of gambling and drinking.

ACCENT:To dream of hearing speech in strange accents or a foreign tongue presages imminent news and a long journey.

ACCEPTANCE: To dream that you have been accepted by your lover, or if a woman, that you lover has proposed to you and that you have accepted him, is generally considered a dream of contrary. It is a warning that your love affair will not prosper, or at least it will be a long time coming right.

ACCIDENT: To dream of having met with an accident foretell that you are about to go through a great trial. a railway accident signifies the loss of money; a road accident loss of health; an accident on board ship points to loss of friends. To dream that you witness an accident without being involved signifies that you will profit by a cowardly action. If you give help to the victim you may expect to be betrayed by a friend who will cheat you of some money you expected to receive.

ACCORDION: To dream you hear accordion music denotes pleasure and happiness in your home and family.

ACCOUNTS: To dream that you are keeping accounts, if you are a business man, indicates loss of business by the failure and bankruptcy of those with whom you have had dealings. Unless you are very careful, you will incur other bad debts in the future.

ACCUSATION:If you dream of being accused of a crime, beware of insincere flatterers.

ACE:Diamonds mean quarrels;Hearts mean news;Spades indicate bad luck;Clubs indicate money.

ACHE: This depends entirely upon the circumstances, but it is usually found to be a case of contrary meaning. If it is a trivial ache, it is probably due to some physical cause, and would be a sign of ill health. But if the pain is severe and obviously imaginary, it denotes some important event that will prove beneficial to you. To the business man, it foretells good trade, a fortunate season's business. To the lover, it indicates a favourable time to push a suit. To the farmer. it promises a good a profitable harvest. To the sailor, it shows a successful voyage.

ACID: To dream of handling acids foretells a dangerous promise. Fulfil your own promises and do not trust blindly in those of others.

ACORN: Acorns are omens of wealth and happiness to come. If you eat acorns you will get rich very quickly. If you dream of picking acorns you will have a large family, probably including twins.

ACQUAINTANCE: To dream of someone you know is a good sign, but it depends upon the degree of friendship and also upon what happens in your dream. If you quarrel, it is a bad sign, and often applies to the health of the dreamer.

ACQUIESENCETo comply with a wish, whether your own or somebody else's, denotes that you will shortly be engaged in several love affairs that will give you the greatest pleasure.

ACQUISITION: To acquire something signifies profit. If the objects are necessities, it signifies to those who are poor a return of fortune; to the rich, success in their undertakings.

ACQUITTAL: To dream of being accused before a court and acquitted foretells prosperityto yourself and failure to your enemies.

ACROBAT: To watch other people performing clever gymnastic feats is a dream of contrary: to be careful or an accident may befall you. Do not take long journeys for seven days after such a dream. If the acrobat in your dream has an accident or is unable to perform the attempted feat, then you will escape the full results of the peril that is hanging over you.

ACROSTIC: Puzzles of almost every sort, when appearing in a dream, are a warning of coming trouble, probably caused by some hasty decision of your own.postpone new ventures and take no unusual business risk.

ACTING:To dream of an actor means that a great deal of admiration at present paid to you, which you think is genuine, is only make-belief. It can also signify that you can have confidence in your friend.

ACTRESS: To dream of seeing an actress on the stage signifies that you will soon get into many difficulties, partly through your own indiscretion and partly from causes over which you have no control. Meeting her in private life in a dream indicates that you are about to discover  how ' hand in hand with sorrow love is wont to go'. After dreaming of an actress, either on or off the stage, a single person should guard against jealous quarrels with their partner. A married person may look for temporary discord in domestic affairs. 

ADAM AND EVE:To dream of Adam and Eve signifies that you will acknowledge as your own a child by adoption. to dream that you see Adam is a happy omen. If he looks pleasant, you will succeed in whatever you undertake. If you are in love, expect your partner to love you. if you are a farmer expect an abundant crop and that your livestock will increase, be top quality and fetch a good price.If you have left home, return if you can, for prosperity is there. If, however, he looks displeased and angry, use great caution in all your dealings; do not travel by sea, and do not borrow or lend money for at least a month or two. if he speaks to you, remember his words and observe them as faithfully as you can.

ADAMANT: If you dream that you are adamant about something, you will fail to achieve one of your dearest ambitions.

ADAPTABILITY: Your financial future is secure if you dream of having a flexible and adaptable attitude.

ADDER: To fight with adders signifies the overthrow of enemies. Seeing them means you will become rich and marry into money. Adders signify arguments that will benefit you, especially if you dream they bite you. Beware of false friends when you dream of this reptile.

ADDITION: If you are adding figures correctly in your dream, you will overcome personal difficulties. But if you have problems making your additions work correctly, then your success will be limited.

ADDRESS: To have lost or be seeking for the address of anyone means that you are about to fall in with an old acquaintance in a place where you least expect to see them. If you dream of writing the address, be careful of your financial affairs, and do not enter into risky speculation.

ADENOIDS: To dream of having your adenoids removed indicates social success.

ADHESION: To dream of sticking to anything is a sign that you should employ prudence in your affairs.

ADIEU: To dream that you are saying goodbye to anyone is an indication of misfortune due toi ill health. Take no risks with regards to your health.

ADJUTANT: To dream that you are in the company of an officer of the army is a sign of new friendship. The higher the rank of the officer, the more advantageous to yourself the friendship will prove.  

Reference: The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael

Dictionary Of Dreams A- Adm




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