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Dream Dictionary - Breath - Broadcast

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Dream Dictionary - Breath - Broadcast

Breath: If anyone dreams he has bad breath he will despised by everyone.

Breath: To become aware of one's own breathingin a dream indicates a deep connection with the process of life. To be aware of someone else's breathing indicates the need for empathy and understanding with that person.
Our own emotional state can very often have an effect on the rate at which we breathe which then becomes translated in dreams into, for instance, a panic attack.
To be breathing underwater is an instinctive return to the womb like state.
The Soul. Breath is the power of the spirit and life giving power, wihout it we are nothing.

Breeze:To dream you are in a strong breeze presages a successful speculation.

Breeze: To dream of a breeze being meaningful indicates a centented state of mind. Wind is usually considered to belong to the intellect, so by association a gentle breeze indicates love, while a still breeze indicates a degree of abrasiveness.
Psychologically for most people a breeze indicates happy times.
The old saying 'shes' like a warm breeze' goes some way to explaining the symbolism of virginity, unconditional love and the Spirit.

Briars: To go through places covered with brambles means trouble ahead. If they prick you , unknown enemies will slander you with your friends, and unfavourable rumors will cause problems with your lover, if you bleed, expect heavy losses in trade.
If you dream you pass through them without injury, then you will eventually triumph over all your enemies and be happy.

Bribe:For a man to dream that he recieves a bribe at an election contest is indicative of purity and honesty of character of the political parties to whom he is opposed.

Bricklaying:You will increase your financial security by patient hand work.

Bride: To see a bride warns you to beware of a rival either in business or love.

Bride:When a woman dreams of being a bride, she is often trying to reconcile her need for relationship and her need for independence. She needs to have an understanding of the changes in responsibility.
In a Man's dream, a bride indicates his understanding of the feminine, innocent part of himself. To dream of being at a wedding, especially your own, indicates the integration of inner feeling and outer reality.
Psychologically, we are seeking union of the unintegrated part of ouselves. We may be looking for the innocent feminine within.
The spiritual need for, and recognition of love, receptivity and fertility.

Bridegroom: To dream of a bridegroom usually indicates the desire to be married or to find a partner. It often shows the desire to be more responsible or to take on responsibility for someone else. It is a connection with, and an understanding of, the 'romantic' side of one's nature and indicates the need for integration of the intellect and the real world.
The need for partnership may be more intellectual than emotional, and we may need to make a connection with the drive of the masculine.
A bridegroom can represent the dreamer's need to take care of somebody or something, and maybe to exert a degree of control.

Bridge:The bridge is one of the most commonly found images in dreams and almost invariably indicates the crossing from one phase of life to another. The bridge may be depicted as weak or strong, sturdy or otherwise, which gives an indication of the strength of connection necessary to make changes in the dreamers's life.
The symbol of a bridge in a dream signifies the emotional connection between the dreamer and other people or various parts of his life.
Crossing the River of Life. The River Styx.

Bridge:To fall off a bridge signifies obstruction. If the bridge is made of wood you may receive some honour: if it is iron, you will encounter many obstacles which will cause you trouble . To stand under a bridge for any length of time is very unlucky.
To dream you are crossing over a bridge is a good omen. It denotes prosperity through life and success to love. To dream you are passing under a bridge indicates that you will never be perfectly at ease. To dream a bridge breaks down with you on it denotes sudden death.

Briefcase:A business trip willbe successful only if the briefcase is well worn.: if it is new, your trip will fail through lack of preparation.

Bridle:To be bridled in a dream, as in being yoked to something indicates the need for restraint and control. If the bridle is made of flowers it indicates a more feminine way of imposing control. If the bridle is harsher - such as one of metal and/or leather we perhaps need to be harder on ourselves or on someone we love.
The bridle can indicate the need for focused attention on some aspect of our lives.
A degree od spiritual restraint or control may be needed.

Brigand:Dangers are in store, but you will surmont them.

Bright: To experience brightness in a dream means that some part of our life needs illuminating, often by an external source.
We have the ability to use the brighter side of our personalities.
Dreaming of brightness synbolizes the dreamer's move towards spiritual illumination.

Brink:To be on the brink of something in a dream literally means we are on the edge of something.
This will have a profound effect on our lives or of those around us.
We may have difficulty in sorting out what is rational or irrational behaviour.
There is the move towards darkness, and then there is the abyss.
The dreamer should be careful - and aware - of a downward spiritual spiral.

Broadcast:When we dream of taking part in a broadcast we are aware of needing to reach a wider audience. This may be risky since we have no means of measuring our audience's response. To dream of listening to a broadcast means we should be listening to the message that other people are trying to get across.
Psychologically, the performer in us needs some form of self-expression.
Widespread spirituality.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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