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Dream Dictionary - Bull - Burning

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Dream Dictionary - Bull - Burning

Bull: In dreams the Bull represents the masculine principle and fertility.
The Bull appearing in a dream can pont to the dreamer's own stubborness.
The Bull ois connected with the Moon.

BuLL: A bull signifies an important person; if anyone dreams he recieves either an injury or something good from a bull, he will recieve it from someone in authority.
An attack from such a creatuire is a warning that a supposed friend is slandering you.
To be gored means injury from influential people, to kill a bull means suffering; two bulls fighting signifies brotherly love.

Bulldog: To dream that you meet with a bulldog is a sign that some friends whom you thought had deserted you will again renew your aquaintance and offer their assistance to you by good advice and financial help if necessary.

Bullet: To dream of bullets is to be aware of the agression and a desire to hurt. If the Bullet is being fired at the dreamer, it may be considered to be a warning of danger. If, however the dreamer is firing the bullet, there is an awareness of one's vulnerability.
There is a nedd to understand waht ammunition the dreamer has available in the sense of resources to be used.
A bullet can represent the need for and control of, sexual impregnation.

Bullet:If you dream of bullets being fired in a dream, you are in danger, either physical or from unfaithful friends.

Bullfight: If you are enjoying a bullfight in your dream, an unpleasant occurence will soon upset your family circle. If you are not enjoying yourself, prepare for foreign travel.

Bullock:For a woman to dream that she is frightened by a bullock in the street is a sign that at some future time, when her children are in danger, or her husband is suffering from a serious and infectious disease, she will show great courage and rush to the place of danger to rescue or help those whom she loves most.

Bull's-Eye:For a young man to dream that he sees the centre of the targetand hits it at the first shot is an unlucky dream, for he will never become a crack shot.
To dream that you m,iss the bull's-eye is a good sign. By practice and perseverance you will become a very efficient and successful marksman.

Bully:To dream of being bullied or helpiong someone who is suffering means that you will be respected by friends and colleagues, If you are the bully in the dream, expect a long string of bad luck.

Bumper:To drink or see a large glass of wine indicates a merry meeting.

Bunion:Presages the return of a traveller from a great distance.

Bungalow:This signifies the friendship of those around you and possible social advancement.

Bunk:You will have financial problems which will be difficult to overcome.

Burden:Carrying a burden signifies you will depend upon others for help.

Burglar:To dream that you fight with a burglar in your own house is a sign that someone who works for you is dishonest.

Burglar: When we become aware of a burglar or intruder in our dreams we are experiencing some form of violation of our private space.
This may be from external sources or from inner fears and difficult emotions.
A part of our psyche may have been neglected, and intrude on our aawareness, thus needing attention.
Penetration - either physical or material - is the symbolism here. Either way, the dreamer should look at circumstances surrounding him. 

Burial:To have a dream about being buried indicates a fear of being overcome, possibility by responsibility or of representing parts of our personality in wats which are harmful. To be attending a burial in our dreams shows the need to come to terms with loss.

The obvious spiritual symbols of death, loss and pain are relevant here. This is not necessarily a negative meaning, the dreamer should look at the resurrection and the positive elements that it can bring.

Burial:To be duried signifies that you will have much wealth as you have earth laid on top of you. to dream that you are buried alive is an evil omen and signifies prison or captivity.
If anyone dreams he ius buried alive he is in danger of being unhappy and unfortunate during life.

To dream that you inter or bury your best friend or nearest relative is a sign that you will hear of good fortune attending some of your friends or relatives who have emigrated, who have prospered in business, and with ehom the climate agrees very well indeed. If you se someone you know at a funeral it is a sign that a friend or relative dear to you will dies. In most cases it proves to be a rich relative.

Burning:To see a burning light in someone's hands signifies that some mischief done will be discovered and the person punished and that there will be no possibility of excusing or concealing it.
When the light is extinguished it means the opposite.

If you dream you see one or more houses burning with fire that is not violent or sparkling and that those houses are either consumed nor destroyed , that signifies goods, riches and inheritance to the poor; to the rich it indicates honors, responsibilities and dignity.

But if the fire is burning with a smoky, violent or sparkling fire and the houses fall and are destroyed, that denotes the opposite. When a man dreams that his bed is on fire and that he dies , that signifies injury or sickness to his wife.

And if the wife dreams it, the same may happen to her husband. If you see the curtains or hall furniture destroyed by fire, that sometimes indicates injury or death to the owner of the house. If you dream that the kitchen is on fire, that could denote death to whoever does the cooking. When a man believes a shop is destroyed by fire, that signifies loss of goods and possessions.

If the front windows of the house are burning , that might signify the death of a brother; if they are those of the back of the house, it could mean the death of a sister. If the gates are burning , that can signify death to the mistress of the house.

To see the top of the house on fire denotes loss of goods, lawsuits or the death of friends.

To kindle a fire which burns immediately signifies that your children will be forunate and honour teir mother. If a woman dreams that she kindles or lights a fire it is a sign she is pregnant and will have a safe delivery of a fortunate child. whether it is a boy or a girl.

If you kindle a fire with difficulty and it soon goes out, it denotes damage and dishonour to both you and your wife - and you are often the cause of it.

To see a castle destroyed by fire signifies injury, sickness or death to the owner, and to see a city on fire denotes famine, war or pestilence to that city.

To see a man oublicly burned signifies loss in merchandise or sickness. If you see your clothes burned, it signifies vexation, injury, reproach, overthrowing at law and loss of friends.

Anyone who sees himself burning and in pain can expect envy, displeasure, anger and arguments. To burn your fingers signifies envy and sin. To dream you feel burning signifies great danger. To dream you feel burnt denotes a fever.

Seeing a stack of corn burned and consumed signifies famine and death, but if it is not destroyed it denotes fertility and great riches to the dreamer.

To hold a burning straw torch in public signifies joy, honour and the good management of affairs. To see a great fire in heaven indicates attacks by enemies, poverty and various misfortunes.

A brisk, sparkling fire denotes anger and hasty nnews but a clear, moderate fire is good. To dream of burning implies a sudden danger. For a man to to dream that he is burned signifies that he will be rich and respected, but if he imagines that he was burned by a fire that did not quite consume him he will inevitably perish in the end.

To burn yourself can sometimes mean good fortune. To dream you see burning lights descending from heaven is a very bad sign indeed and portends some dreadful accident to that dreamer.

Reference:10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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