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Dream Dictionary - Body - Hands - Laying of Hands

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Dream Dictionary - Body - Hands - Laying of Hands


Body parts can have relevance as follows::


We use our arms in all sorts of different ways. In dreams we may be defending ourselves, fighting or being held. We may also be showing passionate commitment.


Dreaming of seeing someone else's back suggests we shoyld identify the more private elements in our characters. We should also be aware that other people may not - at this present time - wish to share their thoughts with us. We may also find that we are vulnerable to the unexpected. If we dream of turning our backs, we are rejecting the particular feeling being experienced in the dream.


If the backbone is particularly noticeable in a dream, we should consider the main support structure in our lives. Intellectually, we need to consider our firmness of character.


Also see individual entry and Menstruation in M Dreaming of blood can have one of two meanings. It can siginify that the dreamer feels on some level that a scarifice is being made. This links into the ancient belief that the blood somehow contained the life of the spirit, and therefore spilt blood was sacred.It can also represent renewal of life through its connection with menstruation. Many people fear blood, and thus a dream about blood can hifhlight the need to come to terms with these fears. On a more spiritual level it represents the blood of Christ.


Also see individual entry- Usually, to be conscious of breasts in dreams, indicates our connection with the mother figure and our need for nurturing. Such a dream can also indicate a wish to return to being an infant without responsibilities.


(in life as well as in dreams) Retention signifies an inability to let go of the past or previous patterns of behavious, literally to be uptight.


The dreamer may not have progressed on a subconscious level beyond a feeling that anything to do with bodily functions is dirty and self-centred. There may be an element of rebillion in the dreamer's waking life.The dreamer may not have progressed on a subconscious level beyond a feeling that anything to do with bodily functions is dirty and self-centred. There may be an element of rebillion in the dreamer's waking life.

Playing with Excrement

can represent money and value, so playing with it in a dream can highlight anxiety about money, as well as fear of responsibility. If the excrement is transformed into living animals, maybe rats, the dreamer is coming to terms with the fact that he is responsible for managing his own impuls. 

Excrement in its more spiritual meaning belongs to the realm of feelings and we may simply be trying to get rid of bad feelings. Those bad feelings can be turned into something worthwhile.

Evacuation of the Bowel

Usually highlights our need to be free of worry and responsibility, or possibly the need to learn how to be uninhibited. It can also signify the sexual act.


Any dream to do with the eye is to do with observation and discrimination. It is indicative of enlightenment and wisdom, protection and stability. It has a connection with the power of light, and, in ancient times, of the sun gods. Through its connection with Egyptian symbolism, the eye is also a talisman.

Loss of Eyesight

Signifies the loss of clarity and, depending on which eye, can be either the loss of logic (right eye) or the loss of intuition (left eye).

Regaining the Eyesight

Can indicate a return of innocence and Clear-sightedness of the child.


To dream of becoming fat is to recognise the need to widen the scope of our activities in some way. If the dreamer is uncomfortable with his or her size it would indicate fear possibly of taking on too much responsibility or of not being adequate for a task.


The hair represents strength and virility. In dreams to be combing the hair is to be attempting to untangle a particular attitude we may have. 

To be having our hair Cut

Is to be trying to create order in our lives.To be cutting someone else's hair may be to be curtailing an activity (it is possible that there may be some fear or doubt connected with sexuality).

To be Bald in a Dream

Is perhaps to recognise our own intelligence.Is perhaps to recognise our own intelligence.


The hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and signify power and creativity.

The two hands contrasted with each other, a different object in each hand

There may be some conflict in the dreamer between his belief and feelings.

A Hand on the Breast

Signifies submission.

Clasped Hands 

Indicate union or friendship

Clenched Hands 

Suggest a threat.

Folded hands

Suggest deep repose, or a state of rest.

The hands Covering the Eyes

Generally represent shame ot horror

Hands Crossed at the Wrist

Suggest that one is being bound.

The Open hand

Represents Justice

Laying on of Hands

Signifies healing and blessing particularly if the hand is placed on the neck.

Reference: 10'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball/ The Complete Book of Dreams : Edwin Raphael




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