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Why a New Book On Lucid Dreaming

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Why A New Book On Lucid Dreaming

In Lucid dreaming, I collected the available knowledge on the subject from both ancient and modern sources. Since that book's publication, some ten thousand people have written to me describing their experiences and discoveries, and requiring more practical information about lucid dreaming. In response to these requests, I decided to collaborate on a new book with Howard Rheingold. Howard has written extensively on topics, such as creativity, consciousness and dream work.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming is a self teaching curriculum, a step-by-step- method for learning to have and use lucid dreams. You can learn at your own pace, and to your own depth, how to explore your lucid dreams and use them to enrich your life. You will read a rich variety of examples of actual lucid dreams excerpted from letters to the stanford program,  quoted at the beginning of this chapter.

While the kind of "anecdotal evidence" offered by these non-professional dream explorers cannot replace the carefully controlled experimentation that is required for testing scientific theories, it does offer invaluable inspiration for continued exploration of the world of lucid dreaming.


This book draws on a number of sources of knowledge  about lucid dreaming, including the Stanford research, The teachings of Tibetan dream yogis, and the work of other scientists. The investigation of the German psychologist  Paul Tholey, who has been studying lucid dreams for the past twenty years, have been particularly valuable in writing this book.

Reference:Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming:Stephen Laberge,Ph.D. & Howard Rheingold




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