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Dream Dictionary - Birth - Bleat

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Dream Dictionary - Birth - Bleat


We tend to dream of bith at the beginning of a new way of life, a new attitude, new ability, or a new project - also when we become aware of the death of the old.Psychologically we are come to terms with our existence.The urge to care, to love and to give birth are all suggested by dreams of birth. It may be both a spiritual and physical need.

Birth Control

This is a good dream for those who are married, as they will have a wonderful family of which they will be very proud.


To dream that it is your birthday is a fortunate sign for money matters or business affairs. To dream that it is the birthday of some friend or relative is a sign that they will benefit shortly, probably in connection with yourself.


To eat a biscuit denotes that you will suffer from indigestion and will have to follow a very plain diet. Your stomach will have to be treated carefully, or other complaints will follow.


Sudden death of a friend or relative


To dream your are bitten signifies you will suffer the pangs of jealousy.


Being bitten in a dream may show that we are experiencing aggression from someone else, or conversely that our own aggressive instincts are not under control.To be biting someone or something such as fruit within a dream indicates that there is literally an idea or a concept which we need to get our teeth into.The dreamer should be aware not only of his capacity for venom, but also his capacity to be on the receiving end of a 'venomous attack.


Dream images are often bizarre in that someone may be doing something that is very odd, or something may have an odd or grotesque appearance. This is usually because it is important that we remember the image in order to understand.The mind is capable within dreams, of creating what may apparently be completely nonsensical. It is only after careful consideration that the dreamer recognises the relevance of the image in his everyday or working life.In spiritual terms the bizarre is most likely to be the product of misunderstood information.


This colour is unlucky to dream of. If you are in love, it denotes that your partner is very unhappy and is about to experience some problems. Black at a funeral denotes a struggle before success.

Black Clothes

To see yourself in black clothes signifies joy.


To collect blackberries indicates that you will suffer setbacks in your plans. If you are eating them, you will suffer great losses.


To see blackbirds signifies tribulation, deceit and slander. To hear them sing signifies joy and delight.


Beware of promiscuous relationships or you will suffer a long period of bad luck.


To dream you work in iron and strike the anvil signifies trouble and lawsuits.


If you are blamed for something, beware of hypocrisy among your friends. If you are blaming someone else, your peace of mind will suffer.


To dream that you buy blankets in summer denotes that an affliction from a fever or severe pleurisy will trouble you. To dream that you but blankets in winter indicates an attack of a very malignant fever.


If you dream you are cursing, it fortells bad fortune;if you are cursed, all your expectations will be fulfilled.


For a woman to dream of bleaching her hair  indicates popularity with the opposite sex, but for a man to have this dream indicates humiliation.


To dream that you hear the lambs bleat for their ewes in summer is a good sign.If the dreamer is young it denotes that they will be a dutiful son or daughter, well regarded by all their friends because of their thoughtfulness.

Reference: 10'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball/ The Complete Book of Dreams : Edwin Raphael




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