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Lucid Dreaming and Waking Life

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Lucid Dreaming and Waking Life

How does your renewed appreciation of the richness of your ordinary state of consciousness relate to the experience of lucid dreaming? Much of what you just observed about your present experiential world applies as well to the dream world. If you were dreaming, you would experience a multisensory world as rich as the world you are experiencing right now.
You would see, feel, taste, think, and be, just as you are now.

The crucial difference is that the multisensory world you experience while dreaming originates internally rather than externally. while awake, most of what you perceive corresponds to actually existing people, objects, and events in the external world. Because the objects of waking perception exist independently of your mind, they remain relatively stable.

For example, you can look at this sentence, shut the book for a moment, and reopen the same page, and you will see the same sentence. But, as you will see later on, the same is not true for dreaming. Because there is no stable external source of stimulation from which to build your experiential world, dreams are much more changeable than the real world.

If you were in a lucid dream, your experience of the world would be even more different from waking life. First of all, you would know it was all a dream. Because of this, the world around you would tend to rearrange and transform even more than usual in dreams. "Impossible " things could happen, and the dream scene itself, rather than disappearing once you know it to be "unreal," might increase in clarity and brilliance until you found yourself dumbfounded with wonder.

If fully lucid, you would realize that the entire dream world was your own creation, and with this awareness might come an exhilarating feeling of freedom. Nothing external, no laws of society or physics, would constrain your experience; you would do anything your mind could conceive. Thus inspired, you might fly to the heavens.

You might dare to face someone or something that you have been avoiding; you might choose an erotic encounter with the most desirable partner you can imagine; you might visit a deceased loved one to whom you have been wanting to speak; you might seek self-knowledge and wisdom.

By cultivating awarness in your dreams, and learning to use them, you can add more consciousness, more life, to your life. In the process, you will increase your enjoyment of your nightly dream journeys and eepen your understanding of yourself. By waking in your dreams you can waken to life.

Reference: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming: Stephen la Berge, Ph.D.& Howard Rheingold




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