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Dream Dictionary - Blemish - Blot

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Dream Dictionary - Blemish - Blot


For a woman to dream her face is blemished means that she will have many lovers. If the blemishes are on her legs, she should beware of promiscuity in her relationships.


Blessing someone else in your dream, your path in life will be strewn with problems. If you are being blessed, your life will be happy and carefree.


If we have been blindfolded in a dream, it shows a deliberate attempt is being made to deceive us. If we are blindfolding some one we are not being honest in our dealings with other people. This may be through ignorance on our part. Psychologically we may need to spend time 'in retreat' - that is cut off from visual contact with the external world.In spiritual terms, blindfolding is a rite of Passage. It is a transition between two states.


If we ourselves are suffering from blindness in a dream there is an unwillingness to 'see' something. We have lost sight of somethingor we are not seeing qualities in ourselves that we don't like. Intellectually we may be aware of certain facts, but choose not to use that knowledge in the most appropriate way. Spiritually, blindness is a form of ignorance. It can suggest the irrational. It is also a form of initiation.


To dream that you are blind is a sign that you have palced your confidence in someone who is your inveterate enemy. Be warned to look out for mistakes and avoid them. It also denotes that you will lose money, and that your employees lack loyalty. 

It can presage loss of children, brothers, father or mother, though it is a good dream to those who are poor or in prison. In the main, it is a bad dream to those who are poor or in prison. In the main it is a bad dream for travellers, soldiers, traders, navigators, astronomers or astrologers.

If anyone is searching for something they have lost, and dreams this dream, they will never find.Blindman's Buffto play at this game signifies prosperity, joy, pleasure, health and harmony among friends and relations.


Exercise your tact in your dealings with other eople.


Women who dream of being blonde are likely to suffer ill health. A man who dreams of blonde women should beware of difficulties at work.


From time immemorial blood has represented the life-carrier or the life force. To dream of a violent scene where blood appears indicates that we are being self-destructive in some way. If we are having to deal with blood, we need to be aware of our own strength.

If we have been injured and someone else is dealing with the blood, we need to look at what help is necessary to overcome hurt. Emotional abuse can translate itself in dreams into bloody wounds either self-inflicted or being inflicted. Spiritually, being aware of blood circulating through the body can symbolize the rejuvenating force.

Blood and Bleeding

To see blood is about as bad an omen as you can receive. if you are engaged, your sweetheart will lose affection for you, and your friends will prove false. To a businessman, failure in some big undertaking and robbery will follow.To dream of bleeding denotes loss of goods and character, and that your lover will not marry you. To dream you someone else bleedingindicates that someone who pretends to be your friend is about to take advantage of you. 

To dream you draw the blood of another denotes that you will recover a lawsuit, and be successful in love and business-To dream another draws your blood is a certain sign that you will be unsuccessful in love, business and everything you undertake.To dream of vomiting a great deal of bright red blood is good for a poor person, for they will get a store of money. It is also very good for anyone who has no children or whose relatives are abroad.

The first will have a child of his own and the second will be reunited with his family. To dream of carrying blood is not good for anyone who is trying to hide. To spit a little blood foretells sedition.To dream of having nose bleeds signifies loss of goods and money to those who are phlegmatic and melancholy, but to the iraascible and optimistic it signifies health and happiness.

Blood Sucker

Any animal which sucks blood, such as a leech or ven a vampire, gives warning that you should choose your friends more carefully.


These dogs indicate faithfulness of a friend, unless they are hunting you - in which case they indicate that a friend will be deceitful.

Blossoming of Trees

To dream you see all sorts of trees blossoming is a sign of joy, comfort and recreation.


To dream you make a blot on a clean sheet of paper means a strange bed and some travelling to come.

Reference: 10'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball/ The Complete Book of Dreams : Edwin Raphael




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