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Dream Dictionary - Bookmark - Boxing Match

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Dream Dictionary - Bookmark - Boxing Match

Bookmark: You will keep an advantageous appointment.

Bookseller:If you dream this is your professionor that you meet a bookseller, you will have many friends.

Bookshop:If you dream of being in a bookshop, you should pursue your literary talents, but make sure that they do not interfere with other aspects of life.

Bookworm: Security and comfort will be yours.

Boots:To have good boots or shoes signifies joy and happiness, honour and profit through your employees.

Old boots indicate a return to an old love.

Borage: Eating borage signifies freedom from trouble and a business expedition.

Border: A border can appear in many different ways in a dream. To have our attention drawn to the edge or border of material can indicate changes we will make in the material world.

To be standing on a border between two countries would show the need to be making great changes in life; perhaps physically moving our place of residence.

2. Psychologically we may need to make decisive changes in the way we think and feel.

3. Meeting a different aspect of Self and thus a new experience in life. The dreamer needs to decide if the time is right to 'cross the border'.

Borrow: To dream that you borrow anything is a bad dream; You will find the adage true: He that goes a borrowing, Goes a sorrowing.

Bosom: To dream that your bosom is inflamed or painful is a sign of coming illness.

Boss:To be friendly with your boss in a dream is a good sign, but do not take advantage of his approval to be lazy at work.

Bottle:Foretells bad fortune, bad news and, if black, the death of a friend.

Empty bottles signify illness:wine bottles: prosperity: upset bottles, domestic troubles.

Bottle: To a certain extent it depends on which type of bottle is perceived in the dream. To see a baby's feeding bottle would indicate the need to be successfully nurtured and helped to grow.

A bottle of alcohol would show the ned to celebrate, or to curb an excess, while a medicine bottle might symbolize the need to look at one's own health.

A broken bottle could indicate either aggression or failure.

2. opening a bottle could mean making available resources you have, but may have supressed.

3. A womb symbol; the principle of containing and enclosure.

Bound:To dream that you are bound with rope or cord signifies that you will fall victim of a serious disease.

Bouquet: For a young woman who dreams that her sweetheart presents her with a beautiful bouquet is a sign that her course in love will be interrupted by many unpleasant transactions on the part of her sweetheart.

He will be given to flirting with other girls in her absence, and she will be annoyed b y his thoughtlessness or want of consideration with regard to her feelings.

For a young man to dream that he gives a splendid bouquet to a bride on her wedding day means that a death will take place among some of his dearest relatives or friends.

Bouquet:To be given a bouquet in a dream shows that we recognise our own abilities but also expect others to recognise them.

To be giving someone else a bouquet indicates that we fully recognise their better qualities.

2. Very often a boquet indicates, on a psychological level, that we have many gifts and talents available to us.

3.A bouquet, by virtue of its beauty and attachment to ceremonies can symbolize a spiritual offering.

Bow:Since bowing is indictive of giving someone else status, to be bowing to someone in a dream would indicate our sense of inferiority.

To perceive a bow, as in Cupid's bow, within a dream can indicate the need to be loved - the union of masculine and feminine, celebration.

Bow:To dream you shoot with a bow signifies comfort. To carry a bow signifies desire or torment. 

Bowl: A bowl of food in a dream represents our ability to nurture and sustain others. A bowl of flowers can represent a gift or a talent, while a bowl of water represents our emotional capacity.

2. A bowl appearing in a dream has the same significance as a vase .

3. A bowl of water represents feminine, fertility and the receptive principle.

Bowls:A fortunate dream, especially if you are taking part in the game, as this denotes future prosperity.

Boy:Boys who are playing in a dreamare a good sign to the dreamer.

Boy Scout:One of your dearest dreams will come true.

Box:An empty box predicts unhappyness in love or trouble in marriage.

If the box is full of useful articles, then the opposite can be expected.

Boxing Match: An astonishing announcement will be made in your hearing which will lead to important events for you.

Be wary of repeating ow writing about it.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball- The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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