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Dictionary Of Dreams A - ALA - AMB

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Dictionary Of Dreams A - ALA

ALABASTER:Ill health or family disputes will follow.

 ALARM: An alarm clock ringing indicates profit and excitement . A fire alarm indicates personal fortune.

ALBATROSS: Seen from the deck of a ship, an albatross indicates success in artistic pursuits.

ALBUM: Looking over a photograph album predicts that a close relative will soon die and you will inherit a considerable sum of money.

 ALCOHOL: As a chemical this is a favourable dream. As a drink, it is a good dream only if taken in moderation.

AIDER: The Alder Tree is a portent of happiness.

ALDERMAN: Dining with an Alderman is a sign of falling into bad company, and you may be led in some bad behaviour unless you are careful. To dream you have been elected alderman means you will be reduced to poverty unless you are exceedingly careful.

ALE: Hearty enjoyment of simple pleasures is indicated by a dream of drinking ale.

ALGEBRA: To be working at algebra signifies successful speculation.

ALGERIAN: Signifies you will enjoy the pleasures of love.

ALIBI:Indicates martial discord.

ALIEN: To dream that you are an alien denotes friendship and love.

ALIMONY: Receiving alimony indicates a medical problem. Paying alimony is an indication of careless pleasures.

ALLEGORY: A dream which appears to have a symbolic meaning indicates surprises, some of which will be disappointing.

ALLEY: Walking along a dark alley indicates the loss of love. If you come to the end of a blind alley, expect your plans to fail.

ALLEY CAT: To hear stray cats howling indicates that you will associate with bad company.

ALLIANCE: To dream of making an alliance with someone rich or influential portends problems in personal relationships.

ALLIGATOR: In a zoo, alligators indicate travel on the horizon. Being attacked  means that you will be laughed at by your enemies.

ALLOWANCE: To receive an allowance portends happiness.

ALLOY:Combining metals in a crucible indicates a happy marriage and healthy children.

ALLSPICE: Romance will bring happiness.

ALLURE: if you dream you are alluring to the opposite sex, expect invitations that will aid your social advancement.

ALMANAC:Reading the Almanac foretells that events that took place years ago will make you a richer and wiser person. Some purchase you formerly made in goods or shares will suddenly rise in value, or be sold at a price much above your expectations, and you will find out that you are well repaid for your investments.

ALMOND:To see and eat almonds signifies difficulties and trouble. If the almonds are bitter, you will be subjected to a great temptation, that will lead to disgrace unless you can fight against it.

ALMS:To be asked for alms which you refuse shows want and misery, but to dream you give them freely is a sign of great joy. To give alms to a poor person is a good omen and indicates to a young woman that she is about to receive a most advantageous proposal of marriage, and to a man that he is about to make the acquaintance of an heiress who will fall in love with him and who, independent of her money, will be a wonderful partner.

ALOE: To dream of Aloe plants indicates bad news.

ALONE:It is good to dream you are left alone. Your friends will never forsake you.

ALPHABET: To learn letters means a benefit in store for the ignorant , but it will be accompanied by hard work and fear if you want a son. To see all the letters of the alphabet in large characters is a sign that you will make great advancement as a student. You will be proficient in practical studies and gain eminence as a theologian. If the letters of your name appear in succession before you, it indicates that you will be called to serve your native town or country in some very honorable position . Look out for well-paid government situation.

ALPACA:To dream of the material means a lucky find; of the animal, a valuable gift will be received.

ALTAR:To uncover or discover an altar signifies joy and gladness. An altar signifies gladness; to see one overthrown is a very favourable sign to those engaged in scientific industrial or ommercial enterprises.

ALTERCATION:To argue with your lover means a happy marriage.

ALTITUDE:If you dream of looking down, beware of making wrong decisions which will cause you problems.

ALUMINIUM:Shiny aluminium indicates happiness in love; dull aluminium portends boredom and frustration.

AMATEUR: A handsome reward will come your way for a helpful action.

AMAZEMENT: An exciting experience is on its way.

AMBASSADOR: If you are talking to a foreign ambassador, expect a friend to betray you.

AMBER: To wear rings of amber is good only to women.

AMBITION: Indicates promotions and increased financial security.

AMBULANCE: An ambulance in a dream denotes that you will lose an inheritance.To see one filled with wounded people signifies a violent death.

AMBUSH: A pleasant surprise is around the corner.  

Dictionary Of Dreams A - Am-APP

Reference:The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin raphael




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