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Learning To Learn 

Many people experience lucid dreams after reading or hearing about Lucid Dreaming for the first time. This may be akin to beginner's luck, they heard it could be done, and so they did it. As a result of indulging your curiosity about Lucid Dreaming by reading these ages, you may already have had a lucid dream or two, but you probably have not learned how to have Lucid Dreams when ever you want.

This twill provide you with background knowledge and skills that you will need for practicing the lucid dreaming techniques in the following pages. Before you set out to explore the world of Lucid Dreaming, you need to know some basic facts about your brain and body in sleep. Then it may help you, to know about the origins of common 'mental blocks' that prevent people from committing themselves to the task of becoming aware of their dreams.

Your Lucid Dreaming training will start with keeping a dream journal  and improving your dream recall. Your journal will help you discover what your dreams are like. 

The next step will be to use your collection of dreams to find peculiarities (dream-signs) that appear often enough in your dreams to be reliable signposts of the dream state. Your list of dream signs will help you succeed with the Lucid Dream induction techniques  presented in further chapters. When you are familiar with your ordinary dreams, and have learned how to become more or less lucid at will, you will be ready to try out some of the applications described in the later chapters of this website.

But first, it is important that you focus your mind on learning the priliminary skills and background information required for becoming a Lucid Dreamer. You cannot write poetry until you learn the alphabet.

Reference: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming: Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D & Howard Rheingold




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