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Dictionary Of Dreams - A - Arro-Ash

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Dictionary Of Dreams - A - Arro-Ash

Arsenic: To dream of arsenic signifies poverty but good health. If you receive arsenic from a friend, your virtues will be rewarded. If you give arsenic, you will encounter opposition while trying to perform a good action.

Arson: An unfortunate dream. News of accidents at sea, possibly yourself.

Art: To admire or discuss art is a sign of advancement.

Artesian Well: If an artisan well figures in your dream, a moderate but steady income will be yours.

Arthritis: To dream of this problem indicates good health.

Artichoke: Vexations and trouble s which, however, you will surmount.

Asbestos: To dream of using this as a protection against fire portends family discord.

Ascending: We are becoming conscious of being able to exercise control over passion or sexual pleasure. The transition from expressing our energy through sex to expressing it in self-awareness is often shown ascending. If we are climbing the stairs, going up an elevator or lift we are making a movement towards waking or becoming more aware; We are making an escape from anxiety or being down to earth and are freeing ourselves from physical constraints. We are searching for spiritual awareness.

Ascension: The act of Ascension is a break-through to a new spiritual plane which transcends the state of being human. Ascension is an altered state of consciousness which can occur as a result of meditation and spiritual practices. In dreams it is seen as acceptable and real, and is often accompanied by symbols of paradise. Ascension frequently follows the experience of a descent into the underworld.

Ashes: Misfortune and losses through carelessness. Ashes in a dream often indicate penitence and sorrow. We are aware that we have been over anxious and stupid within a situation, and that there is little left to be done. That situation has out-lived its usefulness. After an event or person has gone we mat dream of a fire that has burnt out, leaving ashes.

These are what remains of our experience which will enable us to make the best of the situation. A memory or a learnt wisdom needs to be retained in order for us to use information. These represent purification and death, the perishable human body and mortality.

Asia: If you dream of travelling to Asia, you will experience great changes in your life, but they will not necessarily bring you good fortune.

Asleep: To dream that you are falling asleep is a bad omen for a busy person, unless it proves just a timely hint, because it signifies that he or she is likely to take great pains, but will work in such a drowsy way that the result will be small compared with the work involved. 


 Reference:The Complete Book Of Dreams/ Edwin Raphael: Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball

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