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Critical State Testing Techniques - Lucid Dreaming

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Critical State Testing Techniques - Lucid Dreaming

Critical State Testing Techniques- Lucid dreaming.

1.Plan When To Test Your State

Pick five ten different occasions during the day to test your state. These should be circumstances that are similar in some ways to your dreams. Anytime you come in contact that resembles a dreamsign, test your state.

Whenever anything surprising or unlikely occurs or anytime you experience unusually powerful emotions, or anything dream like, test your state. If you have reccurent dreams, any situations related to recurrent contents are ideal.

For example, if you have recurrent anxiety dreams featuring you fear of heights, you should do a state test when you cross a bridge or visit a room near the top of a tall building.

For example, Joe Dreamer decides decides to test his state whenever.
1. He steps into an elevator (source of many of his anxiety dreams).
2. He speaks to his boss
3. He sees an attractive woman.
4. He reads a typographical error.
5. He goes to the bathroom. (He's noticed that bathrooms are often quite strange in his dreams}.

2. Test Your State

Ask yourself the critical question as often as possible at least the five to ten specific times you selected in Step 1): "Am I dreaming or awake? "Don't just automatically ask the question and mindless reply, "Obviously,I'm awake ,"or you will do the same thing when you actually are dreaming, Look around for any oddities or inconsistencies that might indicate you are dreaming.

Think back to the events of the last several minutes. Do you have any trouble remembering what just happened?
If so, you may be dreaming. For guidance on correcyly answering the critical question, please see the suggestions in the following section.
(Adapated from Tholey's reflection technique} 

Reference: Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D & Howard Rheingold.




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