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Dictionary of Dreams A - AM-APP

AMERICA: If you have emigrated to America , you will remain in your present position and occupation and your efforts to improve your present conditions will be successful. You will rise to a reputable and prosperous position through your persistent efforts. To hear good news from relatives in America signifies that you will soon hear news of business losses or domestic problems of those relatives who have emigrated.

AMETHYST: You will lose a relative or friend if you see an amethyst in your dream.

AMMONIA: Danger through illness or accidents; take no risks for a time.

AMOROUSNESS:If you dream you are of an amorous disposition it is a sign that you are likely to be the victim of scandal.

AMULET:To dream you are wearing an amulet means that you have an important decision to make shortly. Think well before choosing.

AMMUNITION:Buying ammunition indicates that you will run into trouble for something you have forgotten to do.

AMPUTATION: Buying ammunition indicates that you will run into trouble for something you have forgotten to do.

AMUSEMENT: If you are enjoying yourself, you have a bright future. If you are dissatisfied in the dream, trouble will be yours.

ANACONDA: You will struggle in life.

ANAGRAM: Personal difficulties will be resolved.

ANACHIST: A warning as to financial  caution, especially if you dream of seeing more than one.

ANCESTORS: A vision of an ancestor means illness in the family. If the dreamer has arranged a long journey he should abandon it, otherwise an accident is likely to occur to him. To see an ancestor arguing or fighting signifies an inheritance.

ANCHOR: Seeing an anchor stuck in the sand signifies that someone of whose affections you are doubtful really cares for you and that circumstance will shortly make that fact plain.A ship's anchor is a sign that you will receive a serious setback in business. If it is a large one, then you will come through the ordeal successfully.

ANCHOVY: This fish usually denotes good fortune. To eat anchovies signifies pleasant but trifling love affairs .To sell them foretells ruin.

ANECODE: A pleasant dream denoting social success.

ANGEL: An angel or saint is an encouragement to live well and repent of sins; it also denotes good news, increase of reputation and authority. This is one of the best possible dreams. It is a sure sign of happiness, indicating long life, good health and the fulfilment  of all reasonable wishes.

ANGER: To quarrel with your fianc√© denotes love and affection. To be angry with anyone means that person is one of your best friends. To dream of being angry with your partner signifies many violent scenes with him/her during the early part of your marriage, arising from the fact that someone has been telling lies about you, but common sense will prevail  after a time and you will live peacefully.

ANGLING: Angling signifies much affliction and trouble caused by something you want to obtain.

ANGUISH:Signifies success to the dreameR.

ANIMALS: To hear animals signifies gain. If you are attacked by fierce animals and beat them off you will make friends who will help you to rise in the world. If you are bitten by one of the animals, then you must be on guard against a false friend. Animals in herds of different sorts signify abundance in your business and great prosperity. A few animals indicates news from an absent friend. To feed animals foretells fortune. If they speak to you it denotes illness and suffering.

ANISEED: Aniseed denotes that there is someone preparing a present for you. To see the plant in flower signifies that you will benefit by a good action. Ani seed sweets signify that you must exercise the greatest care in your business dealings.

ANKLE: If your ankle is put out of joint it means you will soon suffer severe pains in the head, face or shoulders. To break your ankle means that your hair will begin to turn grey.

ANNIVERSARY: Any anniversary or birthday celebrations are omens of happy relations.

ANOINTMENT:To be anointed or painted is good to a virtuous woman, but to a promiscuous woman it indicates a speedy marriage.

ANNOUNCEMENT: To make an announcement indicates business success.

ANNOYANCE:To dream that you are annoyed about something signifies good fortune awaits your plans.

ANNULMENT:To dream of having your marriage annulled indicates future happiness.

ANT: To dream of watching ants at work indicates that you will for a time try to find pleasure in the idle and single life, but that you will at last discover that the truest happiness lies in hard work for the sake of family. Common ants are good, for they signify fertility. To see a swarm of ants denotes that, providing you look for it , you will enjoy a large increase in your business. To dream you see ants with wings is not good, for it indicates injury or a dangerous voyage.

ANTARCTIC: Your favourite project will come to nothing.

ANTEATER: An unfortunate dream. Take no risks.

ANTELOPE: In a zoo, antelopes indicate disappointment. To see them in the wild portends an increase in income.  

ANTHEM: To hear an anthem played or sung denotes that you will visit a sick friend living some distance away from you. If the music is lively you will profit by the journey.

ANTIQUES: Signs of happiness in the income.

ANTISEPTIC:This indicates an accident in a vehicle.

ANVIL:To hear the sound of the anvil is a good dream. It indicates hard work, good health, and brings gladness joy and prosperity.

ANXIETY: If you suffer anxiety without being able to find out the cause, be wary if during the week following someone offers to do you a favour - it will be a traP.

APE: All sorts of apes and monkeys signify malicious, weak, strange secret enemies. To see an ape may denote that you are in danger from the society you frequent, or acquiring objectionable habits both of thought and expression. But to an engaged person this animal denotes a speedy marriage. A married person will soon be rejoicing over some domestic event. 

APOLOGY: A change of companionship; possibly a return to a former friendship.

APOPLEXY: To be seized with a fit of apoplexy is a sign of inability of the blood to fulfil its functions. Lowness of spirit and general debility of the system, will follow this dream, unless you strengthen your body with iron and tonic.

APPAREL: If your apparel is suited to the reason of the year it denotes prosperity and happiness. Being dressed in fine clothes means that you are in danger of indulging in extravagance which can have no end but poverty. If you dream of being in rags, your industry and common sense will in the long run be rewarded by wealth and reputation. For a wife or husband to dream of wearing the others clothes is an omen that the dreamer will outlive his or her partner. Buying clothes signifies honour and beauty. 

Going into company scantily dressed is a sign of vexation. If you see yourself gaudily dressed, misfortune will follow. But if you are dressed in rags, you will have nothing to complain of. If your clothing is scarlet, it is a warning of an impending calamity; if white, you will be successful in business and in love. Blue, happiness, yellow, jealousy and bickering over love affairs, crimson, that good news is coming to you from a distance.

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Reference: The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael 





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