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Dreams:Throughout history, dreams have always been held to have the greatest significance, although people in the past had as much disagreement  on their actual meaning as they do today. It used to be thought that the mind departed  to strange and wonderful worlds during sleep, where the dreamer found new discoveries and gleaned new knowledge.

Reference:Edwin Raphael

Memories: Memory Proustain, in honour of  Marcel Proust's  "Remembrance of Things Past", a memory experience in which a simple cue triggers a vivid sequence of recollections of a previous event.

Reference: Dictionary of Psychology

Reflections:The core meaning is that of rebounding , a casting back or returning of a thing, and the term is used freely in the technical literature with this general meaning. Reflective feeling  a technique used in non-directive therapy in which the therapist rephrases what the client has said with an emphasis on the emotional aspects.

Reference:Dictionary of Psychology 

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Human Condition: All the questions that are fundamental to human happiness arise when we ask ourselves this excruciating question: Where am I? Where am I in relation to the higher spheres, to myself, and to others? These are the basic questions of human life. As soon as we answer honestly, we begin a deeper inner spiritual search. which is also the search for ourselves.

Reference: The Human Condition/Contemplation and Transformation 

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Dictionary Of Dreams

Chapters From the following: Dream Psychology - Sigmund Freud - Lucid Dreaming - Stephen La Berge, Ph.D

Memories Dreams and Refelections - C.G Jung - 10'000 Dreams Interpreted - Pamela Ball 

The Complete Book of Dreams  - Edwin Raphael