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Dream Dictionary - Bus - Button

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Dream Dictionary - Bus - Button

Bus:If we dream of being in a bus we are coming to terms with the way we handle group relationships, and new directions we need to take in company with others.

We may be experiencing the need to be an individual, while at the same time belonging to a group with a common purpose.

The greater good.

Bus: Travelling in a bus in a dream indicates difficult times ahead.

Bush: If the bushes are green and luxuriant, expect protection and favour where you least anticipated it. If the bushes are bare of foliage, luck will not be on your side and scandal may follow.

Business: To dream you manage an important business signifies obstruction. For a working man to dream of business affairs denotes a legacy. To dream of bad business concerns signifies that your ideas will in the future turn to religion.

Butcher: We see the butcher as one who mutilates, but provides for us at the same time, and this is reflected in dreams when he appears as someone who seperates the good from the bad. He may also be a destroyer.

We may need to become aware of a destructive streak within ourselves.

The butcher has spiritual connotations with the Grim Reaper and death. The meat cleaver could be taken to represent the scythe.

Butcher:To dream of seeing a butcher is in general a very unlucky omen and usually foretells some injury to the dreamer. If you are in love, expect disappointments.

If you are in trade, someone will defraud you. If you are a farmer, your livestock will fall ill. If you are a butcher cutting up meat, some of your friends may die, while you could experience misery and poverty.

Butter:Surprises; to make butter signifies a legacy.

Buttercup:Walking through buttercups indicates that you will have a happy marriage and healthy children.

Butterfly:On a practical level when seen in dreams , the butterfly represents light-heartedness and freedom. Psychologically, the butterfly indicates a lack of ability to settle down or to ubdertake a protracted task.

When seen in dream or even meditation, the butterfly represents the freed soul and immortality. There is no need for the soul to be trapped by the physical body.

Butterfly: To dream of a butterfly is a sign you have an inconstant lover or sweetheart. Domestic troubles may follow.

Buttermilk:To drink buttermilk indicates disappointment in love. To the married, it means trouble, sorrow and losses.

Butterscotch:Someone close to you will be marring soon.

Buttocks:Disaster will follow if someone kicks your buttocks. If you are doing the kicking, expect social advancement but a consequent loss of respect among your colleagues.

Button:If buttons enter into a girl's dream she will marry a man much older than herself. For a bachelor, such a dream denotes that he will not find the right partner until late in life.

To dream of light buttons is always good. If they are fabric covered, it means sadness. If a man dreams that he has lost all the buttons on his clothes it is a sign that he will not live long.

Buying:To dream that you are making extensive purchases foretells a run of extravagant pleasures which will not be good for you.

To dream you are making a purchase is profitable; to witness trading indicates that you should exercise economy. Should you purchase an everday article, beware of approaching loss.

Reference:10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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