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Dream Dictionary - Buddha, Buddhist - Buildings

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Dream Dictionary - Buddha, Buddhist - Buildings

Buddha, Buddhist
There is a saying that goes'If you meet the Budda on the road,kill him.' In dreams the Buddha represents the denial or loss of ego. There needs to be liberation from thinking and desiring. If we dream of beingBuddhist, we need to lokk at the difference between western and eastern religion. Spiritual clarity and all that it entails.

Buffer: In our dream imagery there may be a nedd for symbols which represent barriers and difficulties. To run into a buffer between us and the rest of the world, and this may be experienced in dreams as an actual physical barrier.

Bugle Call:This announces success to your efforts.

Bug: A warning to act cautiously as there are unfortunate influences around you.

Buildings:Buildings in dreams represent the constructions we make in our lives.They are attitudes and beiiefs we have built from our experience, perception, and often from our family habits and customs. Where in real life we can learn a lot about a person from his personal environment , so in dreams a building can also reflect the dreamer's character hopes and concerns.

The features of the building mirror the features of the dreamer's personality. Buildings in dreams can become composite, and therefore confusing . In understanding the dream, we should interpret the main appearance of the building first, as its main function, and the secondary appearance as qualities to be recognised. Various buildings have various meanings:

Boarding House or Hotel:To dream of a boarding house or hotel indicates that we may not feel secure within our living conditions.

Castle, Fortress, Citadel: The symbolism of a castle or fortress is that of defended space and therefore can be taken to represent the feminine or the Great Mother.

Courtyard:In dreams: the courtyard is a place of safety and often the shape will be relevant .

Church, Temple etc: As an environment for us to consider our system of belief, any religious building will suggest a place of sanctuary and refuge. Although we may not consciously adhere to any particular religion , most of us have principles by which we live, which will surface in dreams in recognisable images.

House: If we are aware that the house is not empty - that there is something in it (e.g.furnishings) it shows some aspect of the dreamer. Someone else in the house suggests that the dreamer may be feeling threathened by any aspect of his own personality.

If there are different activities going on it indicates there is a conflict between two parts of our personality, possibly the creative and the intellectual. The front of the house portrays the front we show to the ouside world. Going into/out of the house We may have to decide whether we need at that time to be more introverted or more extroverted.

An impressive, awe-inspiring house In a dream like this we are conscious of the Self or the Soul. Moving to a larger house There is need for a change in our lives, perhaps to achieve a more open way of life, or even for more space.

Being outside the house The more public side of ourselves is being depicted. A small house, or the house where the dreamer is seeking security, or perhaps the safety of babyhood, without responsibility. If the smallness of the house is constricting We are being trapped by our responsibilities, and may need to escape. Work on the house; cementing, repairing, etc. Relationships may need to be worked on or repaired, or perhaps we need to look at health matters. We may need to take note of the damage or decay that has occured in our lives.

Igloo:Because of its shape, the igloo stands for completeness and sanctuary. It is warm on the inside and cool on the outside and therefore signifies the difference between the internal and the external.

Pyramid:The pyramid is considered to be a focus for power, so for one to appear in a dream is to be concentrating on the power within.

Tower (Obelisk, Steeple, Lighthouse. etc.)Any image of a tower is representing the personality , and the Soul within. While there are obvious connotations that connect it with masculinity, it is more correct to percieve it as the Self within a wider context. When thought of it in this way attention can then be paid to other attributes of the tower, such as where windows, doors and staircase are placed. This leads to a greater understanding of the Spiritual Self.

Warehouse:The Ware House being primarily a storage place has the symbolism of being a repository either for spiritual energy or for spiritual rubbish.
Components of buildings: Balcony (or ledge, sill, etc.) We all have need for support within our lives and a balcony indicates both support and protectiveness. It can also represent the Mother in her protective aspect.

Construction or demolition: of a building. We all have the ability within us to construct successful lives and equally an ability to self-destruct. A dream that highlights costruction or demolition gives us access to those qualities and abilities within ourselves.

Doors:Doors refer to the openings of the body and therefore by default, one's sexuality. The front door and back door signifies the vagina and the anus respectively. Breaking down the door can be taken to indicate an inhibition over sex and an unwillingness to face the issues. It can also represent rape or abuse.

Opening and closing the door While often taken to stand for intercourse, this can show the dreamer's attitude to sex. Refusing to open the door Although the dreamer may not technically be a virgin, for this to occur represents an innocent approach to their sexuality.

A door between the outer and inner rooms shows there may be a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious. Barring the door This highlights the dreamer's need for self protection. If an animal or person forces his way in and destroys the lock Our own protective mechanisms have let us down.

Escaping by another door indicates the dreamer needs to find a new solution to the one he thought of to solve the problem. Someone knocking at the door signifies that the dreamer's attention is being drawn to an external situation.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphal.




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