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Dream Dictionary - Bronchitis - Bud

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Dream Dictionary - Bronchitis - Bud

Bronchitis: To be troubled with this unpleasant disease is a sign that you will, with proper cultivation of your voice, become a good singer, and if you devote much time and attention to the art you will become eminently popular and successful as a singer.

Bronze:A bronze statue indicates that you will not marry the person of your choice.

Brooch: To wear a strange brooch is a good or bad sign, according to the place where you see yourself in the dream, if you are wearing it at home, you will shortly discover something to your advantage in taking advice of a friend who has partly succeeded in the construction of a new machine, and who wants you to join him in bringing it before the public as a patent.
If you are wearing it before a number of strange people, you may expect to be waylaid on your way home and perhaps robbed.

Brood:For a mother to dream that she sees a brood of chickens gather under the wing of the hen is a sign that, in spite of her care, earnest prayers and careful education of her children, some of them will go wrong.

Broom: Beware of a false friend. The broom signifies that someone is seeking to take advantage of you.

Broth:A good sign which signifies profit and gain.

Brothel:To dream of visiting a brothel is a dream of contrary and signifies a happy home life.

Brothel:If a woman dreams of being in a brothel, she has not yet come to terms with the sexuality active side of herself. If a man dreams of being in a brothel it may show a fear of the feminine.
To dream of a brothel indicates the need for sexual liberation and freedom.
The darker side of femininity: It may also represent awareness of man's spiritual debt to woman.

Brother: For a girl to dream of a brother is a sign that she will recieve a proposal of marriage before very long. For a brother to dream of a brother denotes a coming family quarrel.

Brotherhood: Dreaming of belonging to a brotherhood indicates our ned to belong to a group of like-minded people. This could be something in the nature of a trade union, or of the Freemasons. We all need approval from our peers, and such a dream indicates the way we handle ritualised group behaviour.
Any grouping of the masculine usually alerts us to the many sides and aspects of the masculine personality. The Priesthood.

Brother-in-law:if you respect your brother-in-law in your dream, you may find that he has not been honest with you.

Brow:To dream you have a brow of brass, copper, marble, or iron signifies irreconciliable hatred against your enemies. For a young unmarried woman to dream that she is seated on the brow of a hill with her lover is a sign of an unpleasant marriage, if it takes place with the young man she dreams about.
The match will be unsuitable because their tastes will be different, their desires will be contrary, and the conduct of each will be acceptable to the other.

Brown: To dream of anything brown is a sign that you are putting trust in false people.

Bruises: A warning to all but the most robust that their health is suffering from overstrain.

Brush:Should you touch or use a brush in your dream your greatest wish will shortly be granted.

Brutality:To experience some form of bruitality in a dream can be frighteninguntil we realise that we are connecting into the darker, more animal side of ourselves. We may need to deal with fears associated with that side in order to make progress.
Unrestrained passion - whether sexual or otherwise - can appear as bruitality and cruelty in our dreams.

Bruitality: Can manifest itself in demonic acts of evil Althoughrather severs, the dreamer should take note of theis interpretation.

Brutality:To witness a brutal attack indicates a return to childhood haunts.

Bubble: We may dream of bubbles as part of our need to have fun in a childlike way. We often become aware of the temporary nature of happiness, and our need for illusion.

Bubbles: Are beautiful but fragile objects remind us of the transitory nature of human existence, that nothing is permanent.
A bubble represents the illusort elements of everyday life and more specifically, the daydream.

Bubbles:A sign of gaiety. Avoid dissipation, or you may lose your sweetheart.

Bucket:To dream of a bucket with the bottom knocked out denotes that you will shortly lose heavily by a great mercantile fraud unless you exercise proper precaution.

Buckle:For a woman to dream that she has lost the buckle of her belt is a sign that some important agreement she has made, or that has been made on her behalf, will be broken, and she will suffer from it.

Buckle: Dreaming of an ornate buckle has the same symbolism as that of a belt in that it can represent the holding of high office or status. It can also indicate honour and can be a symbol of lyalty or membership.
To be fastening a buckle in a dream shows that we accept responsibility for what we do.
A buckle can have a double meaning in this case. It can represent a protective element against the forces of evil, it can also help us take the strain and not 'buckle ' under pressure.

Bud:To dream of a bud is to recognise the undolding of a new way of life, new experiences or new emotions. To dream of a bud dying or shrivelling up indicates the failure of a project.
A new idea or way of thinking holds a great deal of potential, as yet untapped.
How the world unfolds before us - and how we can influence that - is symbolised here.

Reference: 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael




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