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 Dream Dictionary - Bed - Beh

Bedroom: For a young woman to dream that she is in a very beautiful bedroom, well furnished with expensive furniture and drapery, is a sign that there will shortly be a very strange change in the circumstances of her life. Be prepared to hear that some wealthy old batchelor asks you to be his housekeeper: and if you refuse he will propose marriage.

Bedspread:To dream that your bedspread is torn can mean that one of your family will be born disabled. Or someone in your house is likely to be disabled by an accident. You will experience good luck if you see a hideous insect or reptile on the bedspread; you, your wife or children will inherit from someoe you knew nothing about.

Bedwetting: In dreams we often regress to a former state, and to dream of wetting the bed  indicates anxieties over lack of control . In some cases it may also indicate  or problem with sex or sexuality. We may have worries about correct behavioiur in society or of being condemmed for improper behaviour. Bed wetting can in dream suggest a need for freedom of personal expression.

Beech Tree: A beech tree signifies promiscuous women, and these trees are good for those  who are involved in shady business; to others they mean pain and hard work.

Beef: To dream of eating beef is the sure omen of the death of a friend or relative.

Beer: If you are drinking beer you may take it as a prediction that, unless you are careful, you will lose a large sum of money. Above all, avoid horse-racing and lotteries. If you only see the beer without drinking it, an accident will follow.

Bee:To see bees signifies profit to country people and trouble to the rich, but if they dream they make their honey in any part of the house that signifies dignity, eloquence and good success in business. Is you are stung by a bee that signifies anxiety and trouble caused by envious people.

You will lose your good reputation, and if you are in love, you will lose your sweeheart. To dream you see bees at work is a very lucky dream. If the bees swarm over you , you will be happy in your love affairs. Should they be angry, be on your guard against receiving an evil account of yourself.

If you take them in your hand, you will be notoriously lucky; if you kill them you will be overwhelmed by ruin. To dream you give bees away signifies a good marriage. To dream that bees fly about your ears shows you are being annoyed by many enemies but if you beat them, it is a sign of victory and of your overcoming them. To take bees out of a swarm signifies profit and gain.

Bee: As a symbol of something to be feared,, as well as tamed and used, the meaning of bees in dreams  can be ambivalent. To be stung by a bee is a warning of possible hurt. Being attacked by a swarm indicates we are creating a situation  which may become uncontrolable. To dream of a queen bee registers our need to feel, or be, superior in some way. We may possibly feel the need to be served  in our chosen purpose  by others. We are also aware of the need for hard work and industry.The bee symbolizes immortality rebirth and order.

Beehive: Folk-tales, such as the one about telling one's troubles to the bees, can surface in dreams without us necessarily recognising what they mean. The beehive is said to represent an ordered community and therefore the ability to absorb chaos. To dream of tending a beehive  alerts us to the need for good management of our resources. Eloquence and direct speech. Possibly a connection with the Great Mother.

Beeswax: Dreaming of beeswax is a sure sign that you will receive a sum of money, or that you will become rich through the inheritance of an unexpected windfall.

Beetle:to dream that a black beetle creeps down your back is the sign that you will be the subject of  a foul slander from those you thought were your friends. if they creep over your face it means that you are the subject  of praise from people with whom you have not previously had much connection. To dream that you kill beetles means that you will shortly make active efforts to stop the slanderous rumors circulating about a friend or friends of yours.

Eating beetroot signifies freedom from trouble and expidition of business. Dreaming of beetroot indicates that you have an enemy who is trying to do you an injury, but this will turn out advantageously for you.

Beggar: To dream of being a begger represents our own feeling of gailure and lack of seff-esteem. To dream of someone else  as a beggar indicates we need to become aware of our ability to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Emotions, drives and thoughts which have been 'starved' in our waking lives can often appear in dreams personalised as a beggar. A beggar can be a hermit and therefore a spiritual petitioner.

Beggar: To dream of a beggar predicts a sudden change in your life which may be better or worse, according to how you act. Be very careful, therefore, and avoid confiding in strangers or acquaintances. To a person contemplating marriage a dream of a begger denotes there is a rival for his or her fiance's affections, and they will have to act firmly to win.

To dream that you give beggars alms indicates success in business, and that you will obtain, the object of your affections. If you refuse them alms, it denotes misery, want and prison. To dream of poor people  or beggars entering into a house  and carrying away anything, whether it is given to them or not, denotes very great adversity.

Begonia:To wear a begonia flower portends criticism from others for your extravagance. 

Behaviour: Our (or others) behaviour in a dream can differ markedly from normal, since the dream states fives us freedom to highlight aspects of ourselves of which we would not normally be aware. Bizarre behaviour in ourselves or others can give us clues top our psychological state. The dreamer should be aware of what is appropriate regarding his own behaviour.

Beheading:To dream that you are beheaded according to the traditions of the Indians and Persians and that the head is separated from the body, signifies liberty to prisoners, health to the sick, comfort to those in distress.

Reference: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael- !0'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball


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