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Dream Dictionary - Bea - Bed

BEACON: Avoid misunderstandings. If you should unavoidably quarrel, take the first steps towards a reconciliation, or you will regret it.This can show, variously, a warning, the need for communication or a strongly held principle by which one lives. Our emotions may be 'flaring up' and need directness of communication. Beacons may light the way to spiritual ennlightenment and on to spiritual sanctuary.

BEADS: False friends or dissatisfaction. When we dream of beads - for instance a rosary - we are making a connection with continuity. To dream of beads breaking indicates the failure of a favorite project. Psychologically we are looking for perfection. In many religious prayers are counted by using beads. Repeated prayers are marked in order to ensure that the right number are said. Beads made from semi-precious stones are used as spiritual reminders - as in rosaries or votive beads.

BEAGLE: A beagle in the street is a sign of news from a friend.

BEAM: If you see a beam break or fall from a height, it is a bad omen, often predicting the death of someone near.

BEANS: Seening the land sown with beans denotes affiliction and trouble. To dream of eating beans signifies trouble, arguments and illness. To be storing beans in a dream may show a fear of failure, or lack of confidence in our ability to carry through an objective, and the need to create something in the future. To be planting beans would suggest faith in the future, and a wish to create something useful.

Traditionally the bean was supposed to be capable of feeding, clothing and providin g an object of exchange for barter. Psychologically the bean can represent stored potential. We have the ability to use the stored power to achieve whatever we want. The bean can signify immortality and magic power.

BEAR: To have a bear alive in a dream indicates aggression, or if it is dead, the handling of one's deeper negative instincts. To dream of a toy bear - i.e. a teddy bear - shows a childlike need for security. Psychologically, we have recognised the need to meet the force of our own creativity. The bear symbolizes spiritual strength and power, both latent - for example, when a bear hibernates - and also apparent. 

To see a bear signifies a rich, in expert, cruel and audacious enemy. If the animal pursues you, then look to your friends - one of them  is trying to do you an injury. If, on the other hand, you stroke or pet the beast, you may be sure that your lover will be true to you and bring you much happiness.

BEARD: To dream of a man with a beard means we must guard against cover-up and deceit. We perhaps need to consider more masculine attributes in ourselves and others. Spiritually there is an ambivalence in the symbol of the beard and the meaning will depend on the dreamer's own culture. It may mean wisdom and diginity, or alternatively it may mean deceit and deviousness. 

Anyone who dreams he has his beard trimmed will be in danger of losing a great part of his property, of being sick, or run the risk of losing his life by some humiliating death. If anyone dreams that his beard has grown bigger than  usual, he will grow richer. To dream you have a small beard signifies suits and controversies at law. To have a long beard signifies strength or gain; if he is in trade, he will thrive; if he is in love, he will marry his present lover who will bring him some money; if he is a farmer, it denotes good crops and an addition to his farm.
To see your beard dry signifies joy. To see your beard pulled out by the roots signifies great danger. To dream that your wash your beard, sign ifies sadness. If a married woman  dreams of a beard, it is unlucky; it can foretell the loss of her husband and that she will fall into great distress. If a girl dreams of a beard, it denotes that she will soon be married, and that her first child will be a boy.
For a woman to dream that she has a beard is a very lucky omen, and denotes that she will speedily attain her greatest desires. For a widow to dream that she has a beard shows that she will remarry and have a loving husband again.
For orators, ambassadors, lawers or philosophers to dream of a long, rough and thick beard shows success. For a young child to dream they have a beard signifies great danger, but to a young man, it is a sign  he will rise by his own efforts and achieve his greatest ambitions.
BEAST: To dream any furious beast assults you, such as a bull, bear, lion or dog, etc., denotes open enemies plotting against you. To dream you have the head of a lion, a wolf, a panther or an elephant instead of your own is good. Anyone who tries something which is apparently beyond his power, if he has had this dream, will attain respect and diginity. To dream you have the head of a dog, horse or ass, etc., means pain and misery. To have a bird's head means you should not stay long in the country.

BEATING: In dream the act of beating something or someone represents our need for 'power over'  by our aggression and b rute force. To be beaten either physically or in a game indicates sub mission on our part to a greater force. Particularly if one is taking a beating, humility, anguish and grief are symbolised. If a woman dreams that she beats her husband, that signifies fear, although her husband loves her. If she dreams she strikes her lover, that signifies she is insecure and her lover will get into trouble. 

BEAUTY: To dream that you are beautiful generally foretells an illness or disease of the skin, which will detract from your present good looks.
BEAVER: Patient effort will be rewarded.

BEAVER: Patient effort will be rewarded. 

BED: To see the bedposts on fire without being destroyed signifies good fortune to male children. To dream of sitting on a girl's bedside or talking with her is a sign of marriage. To dream of buying a bed denotes sickness. To dream you go to the bedside of your love fortells a speedy marriage; If you dream you get into bed, you will have a child no less than 12 months after marriage, who will become rich and support you.

To be going to bed alone in a dream can indicate a desire for a return to the safety and security of the womb. To dream of a bed made up with fresh linen indicates the need for a fresh approch to those thoughts and ideas that really matter to us.  

To be going to bed with someone else  can variously represent either our sexual attraction to that person or indicate that we need have no fear of them - depending on other circumstances within the dream. A bed can represnt a form of spiritual sanctuary and a sense of purity.

BED-BUGS: You will recieve bad news. If you kill the bed-bugs in your dream, you will summont your problems. 

BED-Making: To all those who never make beds, this means a sudden and provident joy. To change the sheets indicates removals, alteration of station or pregnancy.
BEDCLOTHES: For a wealthy person to dream of bedclothes is very unlucky; it implies a change in circumstances for the worse. But for poor people to dream of bedclothes denotes a change for the better, especially if the bedclothes are clean.
BEDLAM: To dream that you become an inmate of a madhouse is a sign that you will shortly be offered a post of responsibility and trust, where you will be required to take on many new responsibilities. You will be well regarded for your sound judgement and good conduct. 
Reference: !0,000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball - The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael

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