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Dream Dictionary - Bas - Bea

BASE: If our attention is drawn to the base of an object we may need to go back to the starting point of a project in which we are involved in waking life. We should consider how stable we are in any situation. To dream of base metal indicates that we are dealing with something which is somehow inferior and needs refining in some way. Crudeness, unformed material. Our  'basic instincts' may be brought into question. 

BASEBALL: To dream of playing or watching this game indicates that you will have many friends and be a popular companion.
BASIN: For a man to dream of a basin signifies a nice working girl and to dream you eat or drink from one shows you are in love with that working girl. For a man to see himself in a basin denotes that he will have children by a working girl.
BASKET: For a man to dream of a basket is bad; it denotes poor business to a merchant, lack of employment to a mechanic and loss of place to a servant; but if a woman dreams she receives a number of baskets, it is good. To dream of a basket, particularly a full one, is to dream of full fruition and abundance. It can also represent the feminine closing principle. To be attempting to fill a basket can mean that we are trying to increase our talents and abilities. If the basket is full of bread it can represent sharing - as in a sacramental meal.

BASSOON: To play this wind instrument  is a sign that before very long you will be requested by a friend to take part in an amateur performance for the benefit of a charitable institution. 

BASTING: To dream that you are in the act of basting a fowl or joint of meat that is cooking is a sign that you will soon marry. In a mysterious and unplanned way, you will meet someone who will either propose to you or you to them, and you will lead a happy and prosperous life together.
BAT: Bats or night birds of any kind are a bad omen and anyone who dreams of them must undertake no business that day. To dream that you see abat flying about in the dusk of the evening signifies that you will meet a person of a deceitful disposition and character. They will propose that you become a business partner, but in fact they are only trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned income, and live at the expense of your forethought.
Because popular belief has it that bats are frightening, to dream of a bat indicates  that there are thoughts and ideas within the unconscious that may reveal themselves  with frightening potential. Dreaming of a cricket bat or other such implement will give an indication of attitude to controlled aggression, or to how we deal with external forces.

To dream of bats attacking us shows the need to confront fears of madness. We are unable to use implements such as a cricket or baseball bats without some kind of training. To dream of using such a bat indicates a learnt degree of competence. A flying bat can represent discernment or obscurity of a spiritual kind. The obscrurity may also suggest some idosyncrasy within ourselves.

BATH: To see a bath is a sign of suffering or grief. If a person dreams he goes into, or sees herself or himself in a bath, and that he finds it too hot, he will be troubled and afflicted by members of his family.

To dream of a bath is bad; expect after it to experience many hardships and sorrows; if you are in love, problems await you and your sweetheart.

BATHING: Anyone who frequently sees others or themselves bathing naked are of a phlegmatic constitution and subject to delusions. To bathe in a clear fountain signifies joy, happiness, prosperity and success in love; if the water is dirty, it foretells shame, sorrow and a disappointment in love. For anyone in trouble to dream of bathing either in the sea or in a river or lake means that the trouble is about to come to an end, and that a fortunate period will follow.

BATH- BATHING: When we dream of being in the bath, it may indicate the need for cleansing of some old feelings, the need to relax, to let go. We have an opportunity to contemplate what has occurred in the past and to adopt new attitudes. To dream of bathing someone shows the need to nurture or to have an intimate connection with that person. Communal bathing depicts innocence and sensuality combined. 

BATON: if the dream is of a police baton, then it can represent authority or male sexuality. If however the dream is of a drum baton or stick , the dream may represent the need for self-expression in a more forceful way than normal. Spiritual authority can be symbolised by the baton helping us to find the way we n eed to progress.

BATTALION: For a young woman to dream that she sees a battalion of soldiers on parade is a sign that she will never gain the love of one who wears a service uniform.
BATTERY: For a young man to dream he stands in front of a battery is a sign that will be called upon to take the place of a fellow workman who is in the Territorials and on a training exercise in some distant part of the country.
BATTLE: To see a battle in the street forewarns you against secret enemies; if you are in love your sweetheart is false to you; it is also a sign of war and tumult. It implies that you will have a quarrel with your sweetheart, although much joy may await you afterwards. Dreaming of being present at, or engaged in, a battle predicts that you will shortly try to be the peacemaker between two friends, and that in consequence you will get yourself into a bad scrape.
BATTLESHIP: Seeing a battleship at sea indicates that your life will become easier. A fleet of ships indicates success in a business venture.  
BAY: To be sailing in a calm bay indicates a peaceful and contented life. To dream of a seashore and be conscious of a bay or inlet shows we are aware of a woman's sexuality and receptiveness. To be keeping something at bay indicates a need to be on our guard. The wolf baying at the moon shows the overcoming of basic animal instincts.
BAY TREE: The bay tree denotes a rich and beautiful partner; and also failure of affairs because it is bitter. But it is good for physicians, poets and religious people to dream of this.
BAY WINDOW: Looking out of a bay window indicates many happy hours to come.If the win dow is broken you will move house.
BAYONET: For a soilder to dream that his bayonet is broken is a bad sign. He will be brought into disgrace  by misconduct; if he has obtained promotion he will be degraded to the ranks. If he sees his bayonet shining brightly he will gain the confidence of his superiors, and will soon gain advancement. For a soilder to dream that he uses his bayonet in a battle charge is indicative of his long enjoym ent of peace.
BAZAAR: To help at a bazaar is a forecast that you will have many lovers; and if you marry early it will prove to be a wealthy match, though at the time it may not appear to be so.
BEACH: To dream of being on a beach indicates that you will have to explain that you will have to explain your actions to a friend. If you are naked, you will soon undertake something unusual.

To be on a beach shows our awareness of the boundary between emotion and reality, our ability to be in touch with the elements. Depending on our actions and state of mind in the dream, dreaming of a beach usually means relaxation and creativity. The potential for emotional clarity is available, particularly if the beach is deserted.

Reference: The Complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael: 10'000 Dreams Interpreted:Pamela Ball

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