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The Dreamsign Inventory-Lucid Dreaming

Inner Awareness
You have a peculair thought, a strong emotion, feel an unusual sensation, ot have altered perceptions. The thought can be one that is unusual, that could occur only in a dream, or that "magically" affects the dream world. The emotion can be inappropriate or oddly overwhelming.Sensations can include the feeling of paralysis, or of leaving your body, as well as unusual physical feelings and unexpectedly sudden or intense sexual arousal. Perceptions may be unusually clear or fuzzy, or you may be able to see or hear someting you wouldn,t be able to in waking life.

"I,m trying to figure out where the house and furnishings are from, and I realize this is an odd thing to be thinking about."
"When I thought I didn't want to crash, the car swervrd back on the road."

"I am filled with extreme anxiety and remorse."
" I am rhapsodized over G."
"I am so unbelievably angry at my sister that I throw something a woman gave her into the sea."

"I seem to lift ,out of body,'am caught in the covers, but shake free."
"A strong wave of sexual arousal comes over me."
"It feels like there's a giant squeezing my head."

"Somehow I could see perfectly without my glasses."
"Everything looks as though I have taken LSD."
"I somehow can hear two men talking even though they are far away."

You, another dream character, or a dream thing(including inanimate objects and animals) do something unusual or impossible in waking life. The action must occur in the dream environment, that is, not be a thought or feelin g in the dreamer's mind. Malfunctioning devices are examples of object action dreamsigns.

Ego action
"I,m riding home on a unicycle."
"I was underwater,yet I was breathing."
"Doing pull-ups got easir and easier."

Character action
"The staff throws slime worms at the audience."
"D kisses me passionately in front of his wife."
"The hairdresser refers to a blueprint to cut my hair."

Object action
" The bologna lights up."
"A large flaslight floats past."
"The car accelerates dangerously, and the brakes don't work."

Your shape, the shape of a dream character, or that of a dream object is oddly formed, deformed, or transforms.
Unusual clothing and hair count as anomales of form. Also, the place you ar in ( the setting ) in the dream may be different thanit would be in waking life.

Ego form
"I am a man." (dreamed by a woman)
" I am embodied in a stack of porcelain plates,"
" I am Mozart."

Character Form
" Her face changes as I look at her."
" A giant with a Creature from the Black Lagoon type of head walks by."
"Contrary to reality, G's hair is cut short." 

Setting form

"The edge of the beach is like a pier with benches."
"The drafting room was the wrong shape."
"I get lost because the streets are not as I remember them."

Object Form
"I seea tiny purple kitten."
"One of the purses transforms completely."
"My car keys read Toyama instead Toyota."

The place or situation in the dream is strange. You may be somewhere that you are unlikely to be in waking life, or involved in a strange social situation. Also, you or another dream character could be playing an unaccustomed role. Objects or characters may be out of place, or the dream could occur in the past or future.

Ego role
"We're fugitives from law."
"It was a James Bond type of dream, with me in the starring role."
"I'm a commando behind enemy lines in World War II."

Character role
"My friend is assigned to be my husband."
"My father is behaving like R, my lover."
Reagean, Bush, and Nixon are flying jets."

Character place
"My coworkers and former high school friends are together."
"Madonna was seated on a chir in my room."
"My brother, who is dead, was in the kitchen with me."

Object place
"My bed was in the street."
"There was a phone in my room."
"The wall had cream cheese aand vegetables in it."

Setting place
"I'm in a colony on Mars."
"I'm in an amusment park."
"I'm on the ocean, by myself, at night."

Setting time
"I am in grade school."
"I'm at my twenty-fifth high school reunion."
"I'm with my horse in his prime."

"I'm in an odd ceremony."
"A commercial is being filmed at my home."
"Two families have been brought together to get to know each other."

Reference: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming: Stephen La Berge, ph.D. & Howard Rheingold

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