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Dictionary of Dreams - B3 - Bar

BAR-To dream that you are drinking at the bar of a public house is a good sign. You will avoid the society of those who are loud-mouthed, profligate and disorderly.Your children will grow up virtuous and wise. To dream that you are called to practice mat the bar as a lawer signifies that you will take part in a trial from which you will come away victorious.
When we dream of a bar, such as an iron bar, we should at how rigid or aggressive we are being in our behaviour. We need to handle ourselves with strength and purpose. To stand at a bar may represent a barrier to our sexual enjoyment particularly in the male. The bar is a symbol of our spiritual power, and power in everyday life.

BARB-To be surrounded by barbed wire in a dream indicates that we are being prevented from moving forward by either our own, or others, hurtful remarks. Intellectually, we are trying to be too smart. Equally we may be trying to force other people to do something , they do not want to do. A barbed comment is one which is specifically designed to hurt the recipient. The barb is traditionally the fork that the Devil carried with him, with which to goad us into action.
BARBARIAN-If you have dealings with uncivilised people and have the upper hand, you will have success in business. If you are chased or captured, your future will have many problems.
BARBECUE-To see animals roasted whole over an open fire portends the abuse of your hospitality. Cooking on a barbecue indicates disappointments to come.
BARBER-If you dream of a barber or his shop, be careful to follow any advice you may receive from your friends during the following week. If you don't, you may experience loss or even poverty.

When dreaming of visiting a barber we are considering a change of attitude, thought or opinion about ourselves. An influence is becoming apparent in our lives which indicates a need for change. That change needs to be dictated by the way we perceive ourselves to be. The old idea that ones's spiritual power was held in the head gives rise to the idea that a barber signifies control of the spiritual strength.

BARE-If the dreamer is bare, he or she is becoming aware of his or her vulnerability. If the landscape is bare there is a lack of happiness or perhaps of fertility. Psychologically, we are in a situation which will not be capable of coming to fruition. We are spiritually vulnerable when stripped of material things and living with the 'bare' necessities of life.

BAREFOOT-Depending on the circumstances of the dream, to be barefoot can indicate either poverty or the recognition of sensual freedom. To be barefoot and not able to find one's shoes shows a lack of suitability, an awareness of inappropriate behaviour. Being barefoot at one time indicated great humility. When Christ wish to show that he was no different to other men he washed his disciple's feet.
BAREFOOTEDNESS-To go on a journey barefoot is a sign of prosperty. You will do well as a merchant, lawer, artist, or in any trade or profession you may take up.You will also enjoy your travels and meet with good and pleasant company. If you speculate, you will generally be fortunate in your ventures;you will make a fortune by careful trading, and retire in old age with a very handsome pension.
BARGAIN-A warning to be steadfast and trust your own opinions.
BARGE-You are about to travel some distance. Be careful.
BARK-To gather the bark off a tree indicates an embarrassing experience with a member of the opposite sex.
BARKING-To dream that you are barking denotes a fundemental improvement in your character. If you hear a dog barking, it is a sign that you will win a lawsuit; if you hear a dog nearby baying at the moon, you will be called to help someone. If you are being followed by a pack of barking dogs led by a servant, it signifies approaching danger due to some past folly.
BARLEY and BARLY BREAD-Eating barley bread indicates health and comfort.
BARLEY FIELD-To dream that you go through a field of ripe barley at an unseasonable time is indicative of great trouble soon coming to you;either you will lose relatives and friends, or you will be unfortunate in your choice of a partner in life, or sickness and poverty will strike before many months or years are over.
BARMAID-For a young man to dream that he has made love to a barmaid is a sign that he will be called upon to leave his present home and occupation, and either emigrate to a foreign country or seek a situation in a distant part of his own country. To dream that you have married a barmaid means that you will fall into an easy situation and that it will not require either much skill or physical energy to do the duties assigned to your new job.

BARN-To see a barn stored with corn signifies that you will marry a rich partner, overthrow your enemy at law, that you will inherit land or grow rich by trading or gifts; it also signifies banqueting or celebrations. If the barn is empty, be prepared for some calamity involving the loss of your money. A barn on fire means good fortune.

BARNACLES-Barnacles indicate a peaceful retirement as a reward for your hard work.
BAROMETER-This denotes change. If the barometer is broken, that change will be rapid and unexpected.
BARRACKS-Your difficultiues will soon be lessened.
BARREL-A full barrel indicates good fortune. An empty one foretells distress.
References:The Complete Book of Dreams:Edwin Raphael - 10'000 Dreams Interpreted: Pamela Ball

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