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Dictionary of Dreams - B 2 - Ballo

Balloon: To dream of an ascent of a balloon means that top gain what you want you will have to stoop pretty low and possibly undertake a perilous journey. But thanks to the lucky star under which you were born, it will not stop you from rising up again.Very often it is the colour of ballons in our dreams which are important . However, they can also indicate a party mood or a desire for sex. Ballons were once made of pig's bladder and were used by the court jester to lighten up the atmosphere around the king and to remind him that he was human. In dreams they may introduce a note of fun amid seriousness. A ballon is a symbol for joy, often a feeling of 'light spirited'joy, or indeed the spirit rising.

Ballot: A difference in position and surroundings is on the way possibly for the better.

Balm: A difference in position and surrounding is on the way possibly for the better.

Balustrade: News of accidents on a river or at sea will soon arrive, possibly involving yourself.

Bamboo: Bamboo growing in a dream indicates relaxed and delightful company. The pliability of bamboo indicates yielding but enduring strength. Being one of the most grqaceful by hardy plants, it also represents these qualities in the dreamer. Intellectually, bamboo represents good breeding, long life, and a fulfilling of old age. It also represents the ability to yield when under pressure. Perfect, but plant, man is symbolised by the bamboo. If the dreamer recognises these two aspects within himself, he can if necessary begin to deal with flaws within his character.

Banana: A good omen; if you dream you are eating a banana it is a sign you will be rich and happy. To dream you see bananas growing denotes success in love.Most dreams about fruit are to do with sexuality.Conventionally the banana, because of its shape, signifies the penis. However, it is also considered, because of its yielding nature, to repsent the handling of masculine sexuality. In conjunction with other fruit, it can be taken to mean fertility or sustenance. The banana symbolises fertility.

Band: If the image of the band is that of a stripe, there is some limitation within the dreamer's circumstances whih needs to be recognised. If however the image is that of a group of musicians, this would indicate the need for teamwork. There is an appreciation of harmony on a psychological level which needs to be made use of. A band suggests harmony within the Self.

Bandage: Fresh influences will surround you. If a bandage is being applied in a dream this shows the beginning of a healing process.This may be hurt feelings or emotional injuries which need attention. We have been made sick by some difficulty within our lives and need to pay attention to our ability to be healed. |If the bandage is coming off we may have overcome the difficulty, or we may have been careless Bandages signify preservation as in the bandages of a mummy. So, in this instance the dreamer can analyse  what he wants to preserve in his life and act accordingly.

Bandsaw: Using a saw in a dream means that you wil  be successful at work.

Bandiness: To dream that your legs have become crooked or misshapen is a sign that a young man will become tall, straight and good-looking. if an old person has this dream it means that in their old age they will become  a good walker, full of vigor and energy, free from nervousness or other physical debility.

Banishment: To dream that you are driven from your place of abode, or exiled from your native country, is a good dream. You will live to a ripe old age, and your friends and aquaintance will agree that you are virtuous, a benefactor to those less fortunate, generous and kind.

Banjo: Playing the banjo in a dream indicates quarrels with a lover.

Bank: Paying a visit to the bank means, if you are in business, that you are likely to have many bad and doubtful debts, and that unless you adopt a system of prompt cash payment and no credit  your ledger will present  a long series of accounts balanced by death, 'running away', 'failure' and other similarly unremunerative items. A dream of a bank should be taken as a warning against investment for some time to come. The financial, mental or spiritual resources of the dreamer may need careful management, The sense of security, without which we cannot venture  into the world, needs to be properly managed and monitored. Our emoti0nal resources, such as self-confidence, social ability and wisdom are held in reserve. There may be fear over the actual management of our resources. A bank indicates a secure spiritual space.

Bank Book: To see a bank book in a dream is a bad sign, indicating that you will be a bad loser by someone converting to his own use a cheque with which you have entrusted him. Should a bank book, however, be seen lying on a bank counter or in the hands of a bank teller, it signifies that, however long you live, you will never have any financial worries.

Bank Note: To dream of having a bank note stolen foretells that you are about to lose money and be reduced to comparative poverty, but if you are philosophical about your loss you will be happier with little than you have ever been, or were likely to be.with a great deal.

Banker: To dream you have business with a banker is a sign of losing part of your trade through great competition in the type of goods in which you deal. if a person not in business has this dream it means that he will shortly lose part of his wages  from slackness of trade or sickness. Money and personal resources tend to be the things with which most people have difficulty. Our need for an authority figure to help us deal with problems that arise are usually symbolised by the banker or bank manager in dreams. Our internal resources need to be available to us in such a way that we have energy in reserve. The banker represents the controlling part of ourselves. A banker in a dream can suggest our right to have management of our Spiritual assets.

Bankruptcy: To dream that you have lost money and are now bankrupt should be taken as a warning. Some plan is not very creditable to you and should be abandoned  at onc, as trouble will follow. be cautious in your transactions and seek the advice of friends older than yourself.

Banner: A good omen, this signifies a speedy rise to a good position or a wealthy marriage and prosperous life.If the banner in the dream is a commercial one, it represents the need to have something which we may previously have ignored or rejected brought to our attention. If the banner is an old-fashioned one- as used in medieval battles - it indicates a need to consolidate thoughts and actions. Psychologically we may adopt  - or need to adopt - some kind of crusade. We need to know we have a common cause to fight for which is organised and specific. A certain standard of spiritual behaviour is required of everybody. Therefore to dream of a banner alerts us to this.

Banns: To dream that you are listening to your own banns  of marriage is indicative of good and prosperous times for the dreamer, who will become a great favourite in his or her circle of acquaintances.

Banquet: To dream of banquets is a very good sign of prosperity, and promises promotion. To dream that you are at a banquet  and do not eat denotes shortage of money. To dream of a banquet could have twwo meanings. If we are serving at one, we should be careful not to deny ourselves the good things in life by being too giving. if we are attending one, we should recognise our need to be nurtured. We are not using our mental faculties as well as we might. Intellectually, we are able to put ourselves in touch with a higher quality of mental nourishment than we have at present. The banquet is a symbol of our need for spiritual nourishment and the need to feast on spirituality.

Bantam Cock: An unwise plan which may succeed but will not satisfy you.

Baptism: To be present at a baptism is an omen of riches or success in love, according to whether you are married or single. To dream of being baptised indicates a new influence entering the dreamer's life, cleansing away old attitudes and opening up to one's inner possiblities. To dream of baptising someone means the dreamer may be having religious beliefs forced on him in some way. Often for the greater good. Baptism is symbolic of many things - initiation, death and rebirth, regeneration, renewal. The basic link of all these is the feeling of optimism that it brings.

Reference: The complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael-10'000 Dreams Interpreted; Pamela Ball 

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