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Dictionary of Dreams Alpha - A - Abs

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A Dictionary of Dreams - Alpha - A - Abs

Abacus Abalone Abandonment Abbess
An abacus is an indication of financial improvement through careful work . To eat abalone in a dream indicates an unusual occurrence. To see the shell is a sign to guard against  jealous friends .

This is an unfavourable dream, and indicates the loss of friends, or the failure of some fortune expectation.

Trouble is indicated, whether you abandon some other person, or whether they abandon you.

To dream that you meet an abbess is a favourable sign, showing restored peace and comfort after some distress or illness. 
Abbey  Abbot  Abdication  Abdomen 

To dream of going into an abbey means that your present situation in life will not change.

To the lover it indicates that there will be constancy, faithfulness and devotion in all his/her love affairs. The more important the structure, the better are the prospects.

This indicates danger in you and your affairs. If the abbot is old you will lose your money, and if he is a man disguised as an abbot you may lose your health.

If the abbot is a small man, you will be betrayed by your sweetheart. To see several abbots together signifies approaching dishonour,

If they are descending a flight of stairs you will be embroiled in a family quarrel. 

To dream of a monarch abdicating his/her throne in any kingdom denotes anarchy and revolution there.

 It is an omen of contrary , when you are in pain in your dreams, your health will be good, and your affairs will prosper because of your physical vigor,.

But f you dream of your unclothed abdomen, then it is an unfortunate omen - especially for lovers or married people, for you may expect unfaithfulness or even treachery on the part of some loved person.

Do not rashly give your confidence after such a dream.

Abduction  Abel  Abhorrence  Abjection 

To dream of being carried off by force means that you will carry out your plans against all opposition. 


To dream of Abel. Adam's second son who was murdered  by his jealous brother Cain, is a favourable omen, and indicates that you are coming up in the world.

If you have a lawsuit, you will win. If in love, your partner will be kind and faithful. 

If you are about to go  into business , your business will thrive, and you will become rich

In short, expect to rise to high esteem and affluence.

if Abel speaks to you in your dream, be very careful to remember what he says, as otherwise you may reverse every benefit that fortune has in store for you  

to dream that you dislike anything or any person is an omen than depends on the circumstances 

if your feeling of distaste disturbs you seriously, then it foretells difficulties in your path.

But if you merely dislike any article, and can get rid of it, then you will overcome your worries.

to dream of a feeling abject presages hard times, but only for a little while. 



Abnormality is a dream usually represents something which we instinctively feel is wrong or not balanced properly.

If it is abnormal in the sense of extraordinary, such as an abnormal feeling  or sound, it is the strangeness of it which needs to be explored.

We may for instance, dream of someone laughing of a funeral , which would indicate that we would need to pay particular attention to the way we feel about that person.

An awareness of abnormality alerts us to the fact that we should be paying particular attention to areas in life which are not in line with the way we feel they should be.

To dream of a dwarf or a giant can indicate that our attention is being drawn too particular issues to do with size or deformity.

There is something in our life that may be too big to handle. The abnormal or strange usually possesses  magical powers, possibilities or opportunities.


Abode  Aborigine  Abortion  Above (hanging and about to fall)

Strange houses show that your affairs are in unsettled condition. If, in your dream,

You go into a strange house, you will probably venture on some new  undertaking before long.

If you are refused admission, or find that you cannot get in, then be careful in your plans  and avoid needless risk.

A dream of any primitive peoples indicates that you will always be able to pay your debts, 

A warning as regards to health or the happiness of your partner in marriage; be on your guard as to both. 

Some danger awaits you, but may be avoided if the object does not fall.  


Abscess  Absconding  Absence 

if a married person dreams that they are in a foreign country it indicates that a fortune will be left to them.

To a lover, such a dream signifies constancy happiness in married life. 

 A dream of illness is one of contrary meaning, and signifies that you will enjoy good health, or a speedy recovery if you are already ill.

To dream that some person, whether stranger or acquaintance, has absconded with his employer's money or otherwise done some serious wrong, is a warning to you of treachery among those around you.

If yourself are the person in question, the injury will be slight, and you will recover from your losses.



To dream of grieving over the absence of anyone is a sure sign that that person will soon return and your love or friendship will be stronger than ever.

To dream of rejoicing at anyone's denotes that you will shortly receive news you would rather not hear.

To dream of the death of a friend living abroad foretells good news. On the contrary, to dream that you have seen some abscent friends alive and well foretells bad news.


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Reference:The Complete Book Of Dreams: Edwin Raphael

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