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 Dictionary of Dreams -  Alpha - Ball

Baboon: To dream of baboons indicates success in love and business.

Baby: For a mother to dream that her baby is ill denotes its general good health, and prosperous times in her husband's vocation. To dream that her baby is dead is a sign of early marriage of her eldest child, who will gain a wealthier position in life than its parents have done. To nurse a strange baby foretells sickness in your family. If the strange baby is ill, look for a death, but not necessarily in your immediate family.
Bacchus: A sign of hard working days to come.
Bachelor: If the man is young it is a good sign, but if old, the dream indicates loneliness or the loss of a friend. To dream of meeting a bachelor indicates that we are searching for freedom either within our emotions or in our love life. If the dreamer is a male, he may be wishing for the freedom to achieve something he might find difficult in partnership. We need to open up the masculine side of ourselves in order to accomplish our destiny. A bachelor in a dream can highlight the side of us which does not require emotional ties at this particular time.
Back: To see your back signifies bad luck and old age. To dream a man's back is broken, injured or scabby, signifies that his enimies will get the better of him and that he will be mocked by everyone.Dreaming of seeing someone's back suggests we should identify the more private elements in our character. We may also find that we are vulnerable to the unexpected. If we dream of turning our backs we are rejecting the particular feeling being experienced in the dream. There is a possiblity that we are representing our own urges or do not want to look at our inner feelings. We are in touch with the past and with memories. Spiritually, we have to turn our back on the past and reject the known . It will be up to the dreamer to decide which elements of the past need rejecting. 
BackDoor: To dream that you meet your lover near the back door of their employer's house means that you can feel certain that you lover will desert you for someone else living nearby, or will get into trouble which will force them to move.
BackBiting: To dream that your character is the subject of scandal by backbiters is a sign that you will be able to gain the object of some of your wishes and have the satifaction of knowing that satisfaction of knowing that others will not ridicule your efforts to do good, and lead an honourable and decent life. Except to hear someone in authority speak very highly of your character after you have had this dream.
BackBone: To dream of the backbone signifies health and joy, and that the dreamer will take delight in his wife and children.If the backbone is particularly noticeable in the dream we need to consider our main support structure. Intellectually we need to consider our firmness of character. in certain dreams the backbone -because it is the most stable part of our structure - signifies the Self.
Backgammon: To play this game is indicative of advancement in theological study. You willm become more studious in your habits and, by close application, become proficient in some of the sciences.
Backwards:To dreamof going backwards indicates that we may be withdrawing from a situation or slow to learn from it. We may need to recognise that to continue in a particular situation will stop our progress. Mentally we are not using our best faculties. When she looked backwards. Lot's wife was turnes into a pillar of salt. To look back into the past is detrimental. Regressive tendencies can cause us to move backwards into previous behaviour patterns.The dreamer should take note of what is happening in his life at this time,and determine the reason for this.
Bacon: To cut bacon signifies the death of someone, probably a close friend or relation. To eat bacon signifies gossiping, although you need fear nothing in business. But if you see fat bacon, be wary of an attempt to ruin you.
Bacteria: This is generally a favourable dream, but it should be considered in connection with other features of the dream.
Bad: When we dream of something being bad we are being made aware that the dream object is now wotrthless or defective. Feeling bad can have two meanings; one in the sense of being naughty and the other not feeling right. We are off balance in some way. Our thought processes are corrupt. If we dream of food being bad, we are not aking sufficient care of our inner needs. A bad smell in dreams could mean that our environment is not supporting us. Acknowledgements of Evil through a 'bad thing'.
Badge: You are under observation and will shortly be promoted. To have our attention drawn in a dream to a badge makes us aware of our right to belong to a group.We have been singled out for particular recognition, possibly, because we have certain qualities. a badge can also have the same meaning as a talisman. A badge signifies an emblem of office. Dreaming of one shows our need to be accepted not just as ourselves, but also as part of a greater whole. 
Badger: Hard work is in front of you.

Badmington: To play this game means that you will soon have a difficult decision to make  that will affect your future.

Bag: To dream of carrying a full bag means that you will never have much wealth, but that you will always have as much as you really need. To dream of carrying an empty bag signifies approaching poverty. If the bag is so full that it, is impossible to close it, yopu may expect to receive somewhere so much money that looking after it will bve a constant anxiety. The dreamer may be having problems with the feminine elements in his or her identity. There is an ability to use the social graces to achieve, and to cope with whatever occurs. depending on the actual bag (e.g) a handbag a shopping bag) we may be hiding certain aspects of ourselves from public consideration. A bag spiritually signifies the Secret, the Hidden and the Occult.It will be the dreamer's decision as to whether he 'opens the bag' and makes use of its contents.

Baggage: To be carrying extra baggage extra baggage in a dream we may be carrying an extra load, either emotional or practical. We may be expecting too much of ourselves or of others. We are carrying past hurt or trauma.The dreamer is under some psychological stress, and may have to decideprojects or feelings can be left behind in waking life. An indication of the dreamer's feelings  of sorrow can manifest in dreams as baggage. However, sorrow, like baggage, may be lost as easily as it is taken on board - it is well worth the dreamer remembering this. 

Bagpipes: Wind instruments such as bagpipes signify trouble, contention and losing a legal battle. To hear the music of bagpipes is a warning of trouble.For a businessman, it indicates failure.

Bail: If you are asking for bail, beware of accidents and unfortunate relationships.

Bailiff:To dream that the bailiff seizes your household goods for debt is a sign that you will have unexpected favourable  change in your cirstances. It will turn out that you are next of kin to some wealthy person who has died, either in this country or abroad, who has left you a very handsome legacy. You will do well to keep down your  domestic expenses, as this dream repeated immediately sometimes has the opposite meaning.When a bailiff appears in our dream, we doubt our own ability to manage our resources. We are aware that we have overstepped the marks in a particular way and must be accountable to some type of authority. We have put ourselves at risk and have not fulfilled our obligations.Unless we take responsibility for what we have done we could be 'punished' by material loss and loss of status. The bailiff in dreams signifies retribution or Karma of some kind. 

Bait: Do not trust blindly in those who seek to please you.In a woman's dream putting down bait can be an indication of her doubts about her own ability to attract a partner. She may feel that she has to entrap or snare a partner. There is an aspect in our lives which needs bringing out in the open. We have to fool that part of ourselves which is failing to co-operate in making progress. There is some kind of enticement which has to take place. Spiritually, we must @tempt' evil in some way in order to trap it, and ultimately control it.

Baize: Exciting times to come. Keep a cool head.

Baker: Good fortune is just around the corner. If you dream of baker or baker's shop before applying for a situation or an increase in wages you may be sure that your application will be successful. In other circumstances, such a dream denotes everything that is good.We all have within us the ability to alter our approach or attitudes to situations in our lives Dreaming of a baker alerts us to this ability.

Bakery: For an independent person to dream they are in a bakery signifies that they or their spouse will lose their present employment, and will suffer from scarcity of food and clothing. For a young person to have this dream, their parent or parents, if living, will need social benefits.

Baking: To dream that are engaged in baking something in an oven is a sure sign  that enemies are about to harm you. be careful of your so-called friends.

Baking and Brewing: To dream of baking and brewing means a bad housewife, who lies in bed when she should be at work.

Balance: When we dream of trying to maintain our balance or of being balanced in a difficult position we are searching for equilibrium. To dream of searching for the balance in a financial account means we are looking for something which, at present, remains unrecognised and unknown. To have the feeling that we are looking for the balance of the quantity of goods indicates we have more mental assets that we had first realised and need to start using them. The Zodiac sign of Libra. Justice- and therefore balane - is symbolised by the scales. The dreamer may need to look at what his own sense of justice is, and whether or not it is being served.

Balcony: To dream that youy are sitting on a balcony with your sweetheart denotes interruption in courtship from a quarter you little expected. some lingering disease will afflict your lover and keep him/her in bed for a long time. You will also be afraid that some former sweetheart will gain his/her affections, but your petty jealousy will soon pass and you will enjoy undivided love. To dream of being on a balcony indicates that we are searching for a higher status than we have at present. To dream of being underneath a balcony indicates that we are aware of other people's need for status. Psychologically we are searching for power within a situation in which we feel powerless. When we dream of being elevated in some wa, we are just recognising our spiritual competence or progression.

Bald: To dream of someone who is bald indicates we are being made aware of a degree of dullness in our lives. To dream of ourselves being bald can be somewhat ambiguous.It usually suggests a lack of intellectual prowess, but can also symbolise intelligence. Baldness in a dream is recognition of the attainment of Spirituality with its attendant humility. Priests used to shave their heads to show that they had nothing to hide.

Baldness: To dream that you are bald or growing bald means that you are about to lose heart, but it is at the same time a suggestion that is no reason why you should lose your head. If a young woman dreams that her lover is bald, he will not live to marry her. To dream that one's own head is bald denotes worry.

Bale: Good fortune, more or less, according to whether it is a bale of cotton or wool.

Ball: To dream you see a persons dance at a ball, or that you are at a ball yourself signifies joy, pleasure, recreation or inheritance. it is a good omen for lovers.

Ballard:To hear a ballard, beware of false judgements; to sing one, someone you care for thinks you unkind.

Ballast: Look to your associates; one is not a true friend.

Ballet: To see a performane of this kind at the theatre is indicative of your having attacks of gout or rheumatism, sometimes serious.

Ballerina: The fairy-like appearance of the ballerina within a dream shows we are making a connection with that side of our being. Also we are searching for balance and poise. We are aware of the creative side of ourselves, and the need for controlled movement. We are in tocuh with the expressiveness of our own inner being. The ballerina symbolises music and the inner aspect of Feeling. 

Reference: The complete Book of Dreams: Edwin Raphael-10'000 Dreams Interpreted; Pamela Ball 

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